Struggling to find topics for a writing-related blog

Start a blog they suggest. It is a great way to get your name out there and help build your “brand.” (As an author, your brand is your name.) So while I prepared to self-published my first novel, I also started this blog.

I started with lofty goals of blogging new material five times a week. Three of the days would have posts I created (parenting, publishing, and writing – one each week) while the other two would be weekly features – Quote of the Week and Friday Featured Authors.

But writing three posts a week and continuing to work on my next novel proved to be too much and I went down to two original posts a week. I would do one on parenting and one on writing/publishing.

Now, a popular writing adage is to “write what you know.” And that has definitely come into play. On the parenting, I typically look at what is happening with my children – birthday parties, health problems, believing in the tooth fairy and topics like these. I write about what our Parent-Teacher Association is working on such as fundraising or speakers and I even have written about vacations or events such as the Alamo City Comic Con that we are attending.

And with writing/publishing, I often do the same thing. If I am trying to name/develop characters or build my own world, I blog about that. If I am editing my novel, then I write about that.

And when I get around to publishing it, I update my blog with posts on formatting, cover design and marketing.

But after doing this for five and a half years, I sometimes struggle with what to write. I have already covered characters, starting scenes, ending scenes, story arcs, setting, editing, grammar, covers, titles, pricing, and so many other topics.

I recently searched topics that writers can blog about. No help there. I am not writing this blog with fans of my novels in mind. I am writing this blog to connect with other writers. (Not that others writers can’t be a fan of my work.) So, all the suggestions of writing about the movie you saw or what a day in your life is like, just don’t cut it.

So, as I brainstorm for new ideas for the next couple of months, I thought I would see if any of you have suggestions on something I haven’t covered or even something that I should update. If you have an idea, please post it in the comments. If not, I may resort to answering my interview questions from my Friday Featured Author spot!

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