Top Parenting Posts from 2016

As the new year begins, I wanted to take this time to highlight some of my parenting posts from 2016. If you missed out on these and want to read more, simply click the link to see the complete post.

Teaching my kids life skills

My kids are 8 and 11 and while they do some chores around the house, I know there are many things they don’t know how to do that are just part of living. When in college, there were many students who had never had to cook or do laundry before. And don’t even get me started on the amount of people who have little knowledge of how to handle money.

So to better prepare my kids for life (or just to have them help out around the house more), I decided this summer we would work on some “life lessons.” (Read more)

Social Media and Kids

Earlier this month, I went to a seminar about social media and kids. It was presented by a counselor from one of our area middle schools.

Now, my kids don’t have cell phones, but they do have iPads that have WiFi ability, so they could have access to some of these apps (though they don’t). Also Jase will be starting fifth grade in August, so I figured it would be a good idea to find out what apps and social media kids are into nowadays and what the dangers associated with them. (Read more)

Posting your kids’ picture or achievements on social media

Many people from grandparents on down to kids too young to legally have an account are on social media these days. Some parents are even setting up pages for their newborns even though use restrictions of sites such of Facebook require users to be at least 13 years old.

And many of those using Facebook and other sites post with little regard everything about their life. Even as employers began scrutinizing social media as part of their hiring practice, people continue to post just about every incident or thought in their head. (Read more)

Discussing tanning and body image with my 8-year-old

Several times in the past month, Lexie has commented on being thin. She is thin – not bean-pole thin like her cousin but by no means is she fat or even slightly hefty. But sometime she mentions worrying about becoming fat. This is from the same girl who usually shows no concern about her appearance (we have to argue to get her to even comb her hair, which typically looks uncombed just five minutes after she brushes it.)

We know we need to address the issue of body image but have some concerns on how best to do that. I don’t want to focus on her weight as it is so easy for kids to latch onto some comment and blow it out of proportion in their own mind. (Read more)

Learning to have patience with my ADHD child

No one ever said parenting was easy. It helps to have a fair amount of patience with kids. But patience is not my strong suit.

Luckily for me, our first born, Jase, was a good baby and toddler. He was eager to help out, thrived on praise and generally a good boy. He lulled us into believing this is what our next child would be like.

Now while Jase is our rule follower, I like to call Lexie our rule tester. If you give her a rule, she will see how far she can go. (Read more)

My fourth grader attended his first maturation class

In January, we received notice that all fourth graders would be offered maturation classes in March. That is where they separate the boys from the girls and talk about the changes of puberty. (I barely remember mine from elementary school.)

At our school, they start the classes in fourth grade though the girls receive a brief intro talk in the third grade because girls are developing sooner than before. (Read more)

Organizing your kids artwork and school keepsakes

IMG_4265It starts in preschool. Every day your child comes home with new treasures. The papers, the artwork, the pages with scribbles that later start looking like letters. It can be overwhelming.

And while I know some parents who keep everything that just isn’t me. There is no way I could store all that stuff – Popsicle towers, odd shapes they cut out, string art, watercolors and rubbings of leaves. It is just too many things to be saved. (Read more)

Chaperoning school field trips

Ever since Jase started preschool, I have always attended his field trips except for one when he was 5 in the Gift of Time program (a special preschool class for kids who are 5 but not ready for kindergarten). Going on field trips and helping out in their classrooms and school is one of the reasons I chose to be a stay-at-home mom.

Chaperoning a trip obviously means different things from preschool to elementary. (Read more)

Taking your kids out of school for non-health related reasons

I always tell my kids that their job is school. It is their job to learn and do their best at the lessons taught. Because I believe school is important, we try not to have them miss school.

I am a firm believer that if they aren’t really sick, then they need to be at school. If they aren’t running a fever (over 100) or throwing up, they are going to school. (Read more)

Getting your child talking about their day

Every day when I pick the kids up from school, I typically ask how their day was. I sometimes get the grumble of “fine” or “good,” and sometimes I get a brief few sentences about something that happened. “Emily cried at lunch today” or “I have an art project due.”

But parents are well used to receiving the first one-word response. Sometimes you have ask a bunch of follow-up questions just to get your kid to give you some information about what happened during their day. And even then you may not learn anything new. (Read more)

And here is to many more wonderful parenting post in 2017!


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