Today’s Featured Author – Jerry A. Young

Today, please welcome author Jerry A. Young. His latest book, Natural Enemies, came out in July.

Want a free copy? Click here to see if you have won a copy of his  e-book from Amazon.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio, and now live in Westerville, a small suburb of Columbus. After travelling the country on business, I am now retired and enjoying staying close to home.

What or who inspired you to start writing?

I really got into reading hard science fiction right out of high school. After about three trips in a row to the bookstore and not finding the type of book I loved, I started writing my own. That was the first draft of “Natural Enemies” which is the book I wish someone else would have written for me to read.

How much of yourself, your personality or your experiences, is in your books?

Well my characters wouldn’t be nearly so witty if not for me lending them my sense of humor. So they all have a little of me, but mainly the secondary characters are based a lot on some of the characters I have known, either well or just met them briefly and remembered them as being interesting.

Have you started your next project? If so, can you share a little bit about your next book?

Yes Natural Enemies is the first book in a series or trilogy titled “Evidence of War” and I am about six chapters into the second book, titled Bonded By Fire. Also working on the third book in my “Jack Barrett Mystery” series.

What is the best and worst advice you ever received? (regarding writing or publishing)

In a writing class I taught years ago at OSU I advised my students that the only person whose opinion about your writing you should listen to is the editor or agent who is currently considering it. If they reject it, forget them and go to the next one.

Do you outline your books or just start writing?

I don’t outline, I just create an interesting first scene or premise and an interesting character and start following them. I often don’t know how the book will end exactly, only generally, and I’m finding my way to the end just like they and the readers are. But I can’t write the first word until I have a title!

Please tell us about your current release.

Natural Enemies was just published on July 13 on Amazon KDP Select. It is about first contact between humans and aliens in space in the year 2081. As difficult as that first contact will be, it is greatly complicated by the experiences of both races prior to making that first contact. All they have found in their explorations are the ruins of planets destroyed by some species from space. So they are armed and mistrusting. Complicating that even further is the alien’s resemblance to an ancient, natural enemy from our prehistoric days!

Is there a specific place in the house (or out of the house) that you like to write?

In the summer I write in my summer office, which is a table set up in the garage. My little dog Topper guards me against the passing joggers and solicitors. In cold weather my office is in the basement which we have finished.

Do you have an all time favorite book?

My all time favorite book, in fact the only book I have read more than once, is “Ringworld” by Larry Niven.

What book are you reading right now?

I can’t read fiction while writing fiction, so I stick to nonfiction, historical books. Right now I am reading Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard. For any writers looking for inspiration to set up their writing space, I highly recommend looking at her webpage!

Book Blurb

youngBy late in the 21st century the invention of the Gravity Drive has made faster-than-light travel possible and inexpensive. But as humans explored the planets circling the stars around them, they soon discovered civilizations which had been wiped out. At first assuming they had destroyed themselves, they soon made the chilling discovery they had instead been destroyed by invaders from space.

Now Earth had two choices: arm themselves for protection, or retreat to our own planet and hope we wouldn’t be noticed by these marauding aliens. Choosing the first course of action, defensive installations and bases were installed in near orbit, the moon, and throughout our own solar system. Huge warships called Star-Guardians were also constructed. But one Star-Guardian, named “Ambassador,” was set aside for peaceful contact. Staffed with experts in all endeavors of human knowledge, it is commanded by Admiral Claude Hooker. Should contact with an alien race occur, it is the job of the “Ambassador” and it’s crew to first try to establish peaceful relations.

In 2081 a Restan ship named the “Tandew” discovers the human mining colony on Tau Ceti 3. These aliens are also wary of their first encounter, having also discovered the ruins on worlds they’ve explored and come to the same conclusion.

Will the “Ambassador” be able to intercept this alien ship and offer peace before other humans attack them and start the war they both fear, yet expect?

And when human and Restan meet, what will be their reactions when they see an ancient, natural enemy from the time when both preyed upon the other?

About the Author

Jerry A. Young is the author of four non-fiction books for children, including MOVIE MONSTERS FROM OUTER SPACE and MYSTERIOUS MONSTERS: REAL OR UNREAL? by School Book Fairs.He has also published several articles in local and national magazines.

E-books include “The Alien of Applewood Lane,” a mystery/suspense book for children, and the adult mystery/suspense thrillers “Unturned Stones” and “Uncommon Enemies.” Recently released the new science fiction novel “Natural Enemies, First Contact: 2081.”

Current projects are another adult mystery/suspense novel, “Unkept Promises” and for children, “Return of the Alien of Applewood Lane.”

Jerry lives in central Ohio with his wife and little dog Topper. Jerry may be reached directly by email. You can also follow him on Facebook.

You can purchase Natural Enemies on Amazon. Or click this link and see if you have won a free copy of Jerry’s book.


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