Celebrating another birthday

birthdayAs people get older sometimes they dread birthdays. I have friends who claim to never celebrate birthdays. And then there are the people who refuse to age. On each birthday, they are 29 or 39 or whatever age they wish they still were. (And sometimes this doesn’t stop even when their kids pass that age.)

But I am not like that. I don’t mind birthdays at all. Now I don’t go all out and whoop it up on my birthday. There will be no big themed party with friends. There will be no banner hung across the highway or even balloons outside our house.

Instead, it will probably be a quiet day with many people wishing me Happy Birthday. (Thank you Facebook for reminding all my busy friends and relatives or my birthday would slip by with no notice.)

In fact, even though my birthday is actually today, most of the celebrating happened yesterday for two reasons. First of all, it is easier to get the family together on a weekend. Second, today is the first day of Jase’s karate class. It is on Mondays, so we already miss days due to Labor Day and Columbus Day (and Halloween and fifth-grade performance) that I couldn’t justify allowing him to miss my birthday too.

birthday-present1So we celebrated yesterday with family. We gathered for dinner at a local restaurant (Mexican was my choice this year.) We enjoyed a good meal as well as our time together. Then we went back to the house for the traditional cake (Ugh – who has room after pigging out at the restaurant) and presents. (I love getting stuff!)

Now some people use birthdays as a time to reflect on his or her life decisions. They may look at what they accomplished and make lists of what they still want to do with their time. But I don’t spend my birthday looking at the past (though a few moments of reminiscing aren’t bad.) I tend to just enjoy the now.

For me, birthdays are about getting together and celebrating another year here on Earth. It is a happy occasion – with presents. And who doesn’t love presents?


One thought on “Celebrating another birthday

  1. Barbed Words says:

    Getting older is fine – it’s so much better than the alternative… Happy Birthday 🙂

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