Woo-hoo – School is back in session!

It is time for parents to rejoice! Today is the first day of school!

As much as I love spending time with Lexie and Jase, there comes a time when I yearn for my normal routine…and an end to the bickering that began earlier this month.

IMG_1950This morning brought about the usual mix of first-day excitement and nerves. Jase was nervous not just because he is starting fifth grade today but it is his first day as a morning patrol. He will either be monitoring the halls, helping kids out of their cars in the drop off line or holding out the stop signs at the crosswalks. He had two weeks of training at the end of last year but he still worries that he won’t know what to do. I am sure he will be just fine.

I dropped him off this morning with his camo backpack and lunch box from last year. His fifth grade teacher is Mrs. Vandertulip. He actually requested her. And one nice thing is that one of his best friends is in the class. On Meet the Teacher night they chose desks next to each other. I feel better with him having a good friend in class with him.

Lexie and I walked to school later in the morning. She is starting third grade today. Her teacher is Mrs. Reyes. We didn’t know who to request for third grade so we just let the principal pick someone who would be good for Lexie. We have yet to find out who she knows in her class but on Meet the Teacher night she did meet a new girl to her school who will be seating next to her. Lexie is so outgoing and friendly that I am not worried at all about her.

And as always, her backpack carries a letter to her teacher. In it I fill Mrs. Reyes in on Lexie’s eczema, allergies and ADHD. We will have a special meeting with the teacher next month about Lexie’s health issues but I always like the teacher to have the info on Day 1.

So now I am back at home and the house is quiet. People keep saying I will have tons of time on my hands but that isn’t true. In just a few hours I have a PTA meeting. (I am vice president this year.) And before I know it, the kids will be home, excitedly telling me about their days.



So now I am at home, trying to get back into the swing of things without the kids around. All too soon it will be time to go pick them up and listen to them excitedly tell me about their day. I’m looking forward to that.

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