Jase and the one sock

One sock.

It is always just one sock. No, I am not talking about the mystery of how one sock gets lost when you do a load of laundry. (Irritating, isn’t it? When you wash clothes and come up with an odd number of socks?)

No, I am talking about my son. For some reason, he always seems to be wearing just one sock. And this isn’t when he is wearing shoes. Oh, no. Then he has both socks and shoes on – though most likely the shoes are untied.

He knows how to tie them, but for some reason, they always come undone…and he leaves him that way. No amount of suggesting he tie them (from me or from complete strangers) seems to work. But that is a different story. We are talking about the one sock.

I don’t wear socks and shoes in the house. Most of the year, when I go out I am wearing sandals so I don’t usually wear socks. There is only that short period of winter when I am wearing boots or the few times I break out my athletic shoes that I will wear socks. As soon as I arrive home, the sandals (or shoes/boots and the accompanying socks) come off. Both my kids do this too.

This makes my husband the only oddball. He usually wears his shoes up until the time he goes to bed. And don’t think he hasn’t pointed out the benefit of shoes when I step on Lego piece or something gross on the floor.

white-ankle-diabetic-socksBut back to the story….Jase always takes off his shoes when he comes home. Sometimes both socks stay on for a while, but typically it is just one sock.

I scanned through my photos of him but couldn’t find one of him just wearing one sock. Many of the photos are away from home, so he of course has shoes on. Those of him in the house either don’t show his feet or show him with two socks on or no socks at all. I find this funny since he often (at least several times a week) has only one sock on! I guess we have never documented it with a camera before.

Now it isn’t like he wakes up and puts on only one sock. It only happens after we have been out and about where he has worn socks. Once home the shoes and one sock come off. Sometimes he does go to bed with just that one sock on.

Of course, this could explain why I always have an odd number of socks in the wash for him. One sock gets taken of downstairs and the other…who knows when he will take it off or if it will make it to the laundry basket. There is always a chance of finding a random sock on his favorite chair, beside his bed, or pushed up against the wall in the hall.

But when you find a random sock…you can almost guarantee it’s mate is on Jase’s foot!


One thought on “Jase and the one sock

  1. Joan Lindgren says:

    Unusual habit and funny too.

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