A new year on the 52 week organizing challenge

Last year, I took the 52-week organizing challenge. Each week, you are assigned a new organizing task to improve your household. I did pretty well with sticking to the challenge last year.

There were some weeks where there was nothing to do (no basement or attic here) and then there were other weeks that I just couldn’t get the whole task done (such as organizing all the papers cluttering my office.)

At the end of the year, my house was more organized than before but no way was it where I wanted it to be. I then decided to do the challenge again this year. This will allow me to finish getting organized and hopefully establish a routine to keep it that way.

Since I completed many of the weeks at the beginning of last year, this year I have been looking at each week’s challenge and deciding if anything needs to be done. If I completed it last year, I have been checking to make sure that area is still organized. For example, I had done most of the cabinets in the kitchen, and they had stayed organized. But there was one cabinet I meant to get to that I had put off. So on that week, I tackled it.

On another week when it was time to organize the pantry, I found mine already to be where I wanted it organizational-speaking at least. So instead of doing nothing, I went ahead and looked at the next challenge.

I will say that while some of the challenges are in the same order as last year, the site has been reorganized, and some challenges have been moved to other parts of the year. This works in my favor as I then may not be trying to tackle the same challenge while busily preparing for a school event or a kid’s birthday party.

With my work-ahead plan in motion, while today is Week 12 of the challenge (Morning/Evening Routine), I am working on Week 23 (Home Office). Actually, I have been working on this one and all the filing system/paper clutter ones for a while now.

IMG_4265I hate filing, and my drawers are packed full of files from previous years. I have had to fight the urge to look at what is in the files and have been trying to take her suggestion to just purge that old stuff. Of course, this means I am doing a lot of shredding and filling up the recycling bin.

But I will say I have finally got all of my kids’ art filed in their keepsake books, which means my dresser has been cleared off. And while my desk is still a slightly cluttered mess, I am slowly chipping away and making progress. Hopefully, I can get this bit of organizing finished before the challenge catches up to me in 10 weeks!


One thought on “A new year on the 52 week organizing challenge

  1. Joan Lindgren says:

    I am certain there are Gremlins putting extra papers on my desk at night and stuffing more things into the drawers. Couldn’t possibly me!!!!

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