Taking the kids to a Spurs basketball game

The kids bounced with excitement as we walked toward the arena. Lexie talked of eating popcorn and cotton candy while Jase spoke of other basketball games he has attended.

IMG_4062Jase has been to quite a few Spurs basketball games – one he earned for having perfect attendance at school, one when we went with my brother last season and then numerous games when we had season tickets. My husband and I had bought the season tickets as date nights for us but a few times when my husband’s work interfered, Jase, my Dad or numerous friends went with me on different occasions.

IMG_4051This is Lexie’s second time to a game. The first one she earned for perfect attendance but wasn’t feeling well so I am not sure she enjoyed it that much. She isn’t much of a basketball watcher. She will look at the TV to see if the Spurs are winning but rarely watches the game for more than a few seconds.


The Coyote

She spent the first few minutes of this game asking my husband questions about what was happening. After that she was more content to eat popcorn and cotton candy and play with the few Shopkins she brought with her than watch the game. She does love watching the Spurs mascot, the Coyote, as he does his antics during time outs.

I think it was just about half time when Lexie asked to borrow my husband’s phone to play a game. Jase was the same way when he first started going. He would make it about half the game and then get bored. Now at age 10, he can last the whole game and in fact, didn’t want to leave last night until the game was over even though the Spurs were up by 25 or 30 at the time. (They won by 29.)

Both kids were tired when we left the game. Most Spurs basketball home games begin at 7:30 p.m. and get over close to 10. But we chose to take the kids to this one because it was an earlier game (6 p.m.) and of course because it is against our inter-state rivals the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks are not off to as good of a season as the Spurs. The Mavs have a 23-19 record while the Spurs at 36-6 are the currently the second-best team in the NBA.

IMG_4059Going to a Spurs game with the kids is a little different than just my husband and I going. We spend more time answering questions or looking at other things that are not the game. But with its hefty price tag (tickets, parking and food), we won’t be taking them to more than one game a season. I like that they asked to go this year and love Jase’s interest in the game. Yes, if we have any say in this, we are on our way to raising two more Spurs Basketball fans.


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