My top 5 writing and my top 5 publishing posts from 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

As 2016 begins, I wanted to take a moment to list some of the better blog topics from 2015…Since I do both writing and publishing topics, I picked five of each to showcase – listed in no particular order. If you want to check out these blogs, simply click the “more” link next to that topic.

Top 5 Writing-related blogs

names1.) 4 tips to naming your characters – Selecting just the right name for your characters is a challenge for many. It is like naming a child times ten or twenty or even more. Because it isn’t just your protagonist, their sidekicks and the antagonist that needs monikers. It is all the people that populate your make-believe world. (To read more…)

2.) Novel writing: Dealing with a large cast of characters – For whatever reason, the list of characters in your book keeps expanding. It is getting so bad that you need a spreadsheet just to keep track of them. If you are struggling, think of what your poor reader might be going through. (To read more…)

3.) Choosing the setting for your novel – When many new authors begin writing, they focus on plot and character. While these are important, it is vital to consider the setting of your novel. (To read more…)

4.) Giving characters strong, real motivation – A good story is all about the believability. Readers can believe in dragons and magic or falling in love if the world and the characters an author builds feel real. I have often stressed making your characters realistic by giving them flaws. But this also means that their actions and motivations need to be realistic. (To read more…)

5.) Are Subplots Necessary? – A subplot is a mini-story woven into your main story. It could involve your main character having two things going on at the same time (such as finding love while solving a mystery) or it can involve secondary characters having their own issues. (To read more…)

Top 5 Publishing-related blogs 

1.) Investing in a professional-looking, eye-catching book cover – Two weeks ago I revisited one of my first posts about writing (Freezing time) or probably more aptly about finding the time to be a writer. Well, today,  I want to revisit one of my first posts on publishing – the all-important book cover. (To read more…)

CIMG05242.) Revisiting the all-important book blurb – The book blurb is one of the most important promotional tools you will write for your novel. This short piece of prose can entice someone to buy your novel – or pass it up. Because it is so important, you should spend a lot of time perfecting your novel’s blurb. (To read more…)

3.) Pre-Orders: Are they worth it? – When I published my first three novels, setting up a pre-order was not available to self-published authors. Since then, both Amazon and Smashwords have begun offering pre-orders. (To read more…)

4.) Do you need to copyright your self-published novel? – This is often a question that new self-published authors ask. And the quick answer is no. As soon the words leave your mind and you put them on paper (or type them into your computer file), it is already protected under U.S. copyright law. (To read more…)

5.) KDP Select free book promo results – I posted about trying out Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select back in January before I released my fourth full-length fantasy novel The Heir to Alexandria. It would be my second time trying the Kindle program. (I first tried it with my short story The Search.) (To read more…)

And here is to another great year of blogging about being a self-published author. If any of you have suggestions for topics, please leave them in the comments….after doing this for four years, I can certainly use the suggestions.

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