My last update on the 52 week organizing challenge

I began the 52-week organizing challenge last January, and now it comes to a close. Is my house more organized? Yes! Have I completed every challenge? No!

Some weeks have been easy with little or nothing to do. But some of the tasks have been huge and while I started working on them, they are not complete. In fact, I am considering doing the challenge again next year, so I can finish some of the challenges I didn’t complete or skipped. The challenges are not in the same order each year so maybe some of the incomplete challenges will hit me in a less busy time, or maybe I just need to buckle down and tackle those I put off.

Anyway, here is how it has gone since September….(If you would like to catch up on the rest of the challenge click here to see my other updates – intro to challenge, update in March, update in June, update in July & update in September.)

IMG_4034[1]Master Bedroom (Oct 5) – OMG. This area needs some work. The bookcase was done earlier in the year, but my dresser tends to be a dumping ground for so many things. I did get some of it straightened up, and I did clean off my nightstand. Baby steps here I guess.

Basement (Oct 12) – Yeah! A free pass. We have no basement!

Garage (Oct 19) – Another free pass for me. We have a garage but that is my husband’s domain, so I am not organizing it for him.

Attic (Oct 26) – Again, with the free pass. We have an attic but store nothing in it so no organizing for me. Loving October! (OK – so I should have spent the month catching up on other challenges that I didn’t finish but that didn’t happen.)

Jewelry and Accessories (Nov 2) – This week sets out to organize jewelry, hair accessories, scarves, ties, belts and sunglasses. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry or hair accessories and have pretty much no scarves, ties or belts and only one pair of sunglasses. This should have been an easy challenge but sadly, I didn’t finish sorting the small amounts of jewelry I do have.

IMG_4035[1]Shoes (Nov 9) – Whether I have a lot of shoes would solely depend on your definition of a lot. I have about 20 pairs, including boots and sandals. I had recently paired down some of my older pairs so this challenge was pretty easy. I didn’t like the shoe rack I had in the closet as it didn’t hold more than 12 pairs of shoes, so I bought a new one that works perfectly for me.

Cosmetics (Nov 16) – Again, here I go with not having a lot to do this week. I have very few cosmetics, but it was good to get rid of (and replenish) the old ones. And I bought a second makeup bag, so I could separate the stuff I use daily with the special-occasion items.

Kids’ Closets (Nov 23) – In June, I organized the kids’ rooms and closets so that I could paint their walls. Since I had recently done this challenge (and the one for next week), I decided not to so this challenge now. It will probably need to be done when the challenge rolls around next year.

Kids’ bedrooms (Nov 30) – See my above answer about the kids’ closets.

Toys & Games (Dec 7) – Again, this was done during the summer, so I didn’t have much to do this week. Definitely will need to do this next year.

Holiday Decorations/Gift Wrap (Dec 14) – The decorations were already up, so I guess I will have to weed through all my ornaments and decorations when I take them down after Christmas. I did clean up my gift wrap bins and bought another one that held those extra-long rolls that wouldn’t fit in my wrapping paper storage bin.

China, glassware, crystal and silverware (Dec 21) – I already have a fine china storage unit so not much to do this week, which was good because it was Christmas week and very busy at our house. I also don’t have real silverware, so I got to skip that one too.

Family Calendar (Dec 28) – I always do this every year so nothing new for me. I spend hours typing everything into my Microsoft Outlook calendar and will be doing that this week.

And that completes the 52-week challenge! The house is better than it was last year at this time, but I am definitely going to be doing the challenge again next year to finish off our organizing.



One thought on “My last update on the 52 week organizing challenge

  1. Joan Lindgren says:

    I definitely need to do that. Makes finding things easier, if we can just remember where we organized them!!!!!!

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