52 Week Organizing Challenge update

I began the 52-week organizing challenge in January and was still going strong at my last check in in July. Sadly, I have to say it hasn’t been going so well since then. With our vacation and then the start of school, I must say I have skipped some weeks that I will need to go back and complete.

So here is how it has gone…(If you would like to catch up on the rest of the challenge click here to see my other updates – intro to challenge, update in March, update in June & update in July.)

CDs and DVDs (July 27) – Step one of this challenge was to store everything in one place. Done. And they are even organized alphabetically. I pruned the kids’ older DVDs but the CDs need work as well as all the computer CDs. That will have to be done later.

Photographs (Aug. 3) – OMG.  This could take weeks. I have many years’ worth of photos. They are semi organized in a box. This is a challenge I didn’t work on as we were getting ready to go on vacation so I will have to work on it during the winter.

Crafts (Aug. 10) – We were gone this week but luckily most of our craft stuff was organized when we did the pantry challenge. Of course, when I have time, I will go through the boxes and get rid of the old paints and anything we won’t be needing.

Vehicles (Aug. 17) – This was the week after our vacation and the week before school started. So in other words it was BUSY! I did look at some products to help organize the back of my Kia Sorrento. Since the back area is open (rather than a trunk), you can hear anything not secured down moving as I drive. So for my birthday, I received a set of pockets that go behind the kids’ row. Of course I have yet to fill it up with the emergency equipment (flash light, blanket, first aid kit, tire-in-a-can) that she recommends you carry.

Yard/Garden shed (Aug. 24) – This was an easy week. We only have one small garden shed and it doesn’t have a lot in it. We aren’t much into gardening…or yard care for that matter.   

Homework Area/Launching Pad (Aug. 31) –  With school starting this was a timely post about having a proper area for your kids to do their homework (the dining room table) and for getting all their supplies (backpacks, jackets, and lunch boxes) in one location so they are ready for the next day. (If you don’t have kids, she talks about having your stuff ready for your workday.) I didn’t have much to do here as we already have our routines down.

Pets (Sept. 7) – Well we now have 5 pets so I am sure I need to organize some of their stuff better. I already have their treats and food stored together. The dogs have a toy chest for their toys and the cats don’t really have many toys as the dogs keep stealing and destroying them. But their paperwork is a different matter. I had everything shoved in one folder but for this challenge, I separated it out into one folder for pet and cleared out any information on pets we no longer have.

Linen Closet (Sept. 14) – Yeah, another easy week. We only have one thin linen closet and it was already pretty well organized.

Master Bedroom Closet (Sept. 21) –  This was a week I knew would take me longer to complete (and to be honest, I am still working on it.) Our master bedroom closet is huge and becomes an easy dumping ground for things that don’t have a home. And then there are the clothes. I am horrible about getting rid of clothing that I “might” need. But I am working on it. I thinned the clothes and bought some organizers to make the shelves look better.

Seasonal Clothing Switch (Sept. 28) –  This week focused on two aspects of clothes – switching out your seasonal clothing and keeping track of clothes your kids haven’t grown into. Neither of these really applied to me. My closest is big enough that it stores both my summer and winter clothing without the need to switch out when the seasons change. And since I have a boy and a girl, there is no hand-me-downs to worry about and I rarely buy clothing that my kids need to grow into as their tastes are liable to change before they fit in the new clothes.

Well that takes us up to this week. I vow to try to stay on top of this challenge as we close out the year. And I vow to try and finish all those challenges I let slip by these past few weeks. I plan just one final wrap up post at the end of the year to let you know how the rest of the challenge goes.




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