Dressing up again for the Alamo City Comic Con

Once again, we were surrounded by Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Jedi Knights and other characters surrounded us as we attended the Alamo City Comic Con again this year.

We went yesterday. We always opt for Sunday as it is just a tad less crowded and cheaper by about $30 for our family of four.

This year’s cast of special guest included Stan Lee, Ming Na Wen (from Marvel’s Agents for S.H.I.E.L.D.), Ron Perlman and others from the Sons of Anarchy, Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy, Matthew Wood and Ray Park from Star Wars, John Noble and Billy Boyd from Lord of the Rings, and a lot of others….really too many to list.

And as we did last year, we went ahead and got into the spirit by wearing costumes.

IMG_0534This year’s cast of characters….

The Clone Trooper – Jase decided to wear his Star Wars ARF Trooper costume from last year. He has grown over the past year and is almost too big for the costume now. So next year, he will definitely have to be something else. Since he got tired carrying his toy gun, he decided against a prop this year.

Han Solo – Last year, my husband made his own Jedi costume. This year, he chose to be Han Solo. He already had the vest as years ago I purchased him an official Han Solo vest. He added some navy pants and an off-white shirt. He made his own belt, holster and gun. Let’s just say the 3D printer came in handy.

Power Ranger – Lexi last year was Elsa, but she had originally wanted to be a Power Ranger. However, we couldn’t find a pink costume in her size. This year, she again said she wanted to be a Power Ranger which is odd since she no longer watches the show. I found a costume online in her size and snatched up before it was gone again.

Poison Ivy – Last year, I wore a medieval huntress type costume, but it didn’t really fit in with Comic Con. I decided i we dressed up this year, I would pick a different costume – one that was easily recognizable. So this year, I went as Poison Ivy. I took a costume I found online and modified it. I changed the stockings and added a wig. Everyone knew who I was, and I got stopped quite often to have my picture taken. What a changed from last year when I was the least asked!

Overall we had fun. I guess we will have to start thinking of costumes for next year, though I may just be Poison Ivy again.



One thought on “Dressing up again for the Alamo City Comic Con

  1. […] The second year – I wanted something more recognizable, so I went as Poison Ivy. My husband went as Han Solo, and the kids went as Star Wars ARF Trooper (again) for my son and the pink Power Ranger for my daughter. […]

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