It is the first day of school – again

Today is the first day of school for Lexie and Jase. How quickly the summer has flown by! It feels as if it began just a few weeks ago. But I am ready for the kids to return to school, so I can resume my normal routine.

IMG_0404This morning there were the usual first-day excitement and nerves. Jase and Lexie were both dressed nicely. Lexie has a new backpack (Elsa of course) and lunch box (also Elsa). She was excited that the backpack came with matching gloves and insisted on wearing them this morning.

Today her backpack was empty except for a letter to her teacher. Each year, I send her teacher a letter to fill the teacher in on Lexie’s eczema and allergies. This year I added a paragraph about her ADD medication. Since we started her medication during the summer, this will be the first time she has attended school on the medication. We can definitely tell a difference of when she is on the medicine and when she is off. However, we don’t know how she will do in the classroom setting so I asked her teacher to let us know if she thought we needed to try a higher dose.

Lexie is starting the second grade this year. Her teacher is Ms. Luna. We met her last Thursday at Meet the Teacher night – an event to let the kids see their classroom, meet their teacher and classmates and drop off their school supplies.

As always, Lexie wanted me to walk her to her classroom, but they have parents drop their kids off in the lobby. I think they request this to lessen the chance of parents hovering about. The sooner the kids get into the routine the better.

Jase begins fourth grade this year, so he has the routine down pat. He knows where to go to meet up with his class. The first through fifth graders meet in the gym while the new kindergartners get to meet in the library where someone reads them a story until time to go to class.

Jase elected to re-use the backpack he had in second grade. It is a green camo-print backpack. Jase is very concerned about what the other kids will think so he didn’t want to take a character backpack. Last year’s backpack had Darth Vader/Star Wars on it.

Jase is very excited this year because one of his best friends is in class with him. They haven’t shared a class since kindergarten. Checking out the class list, he knows at least 3/4 of the class which I am sure helps him with his nerves.

So now I am at home, trying to get back into the swing of things without the kids around. All too soon it will be time to go pick them up and listen to them excitedly tell me about their day. I’m looking forward to that.

2 thoughts on “It is the first day of school – again

  1. Joan Lindgren says:

    I always did enjoy sending the kiddos back to school.

  2. […] at the beginning of this year, I sent a note to Lexie’s second-grade teacher. This is nothing new. I always send a note on the first day to […]

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