52 week organizing challenge update (again) 

Well, we are over half way through the 52-week organizing challenge. For those of us who started in January, we are now on Week 30! Who-hoo for those of us who have kept it up! I am happy to say I am in that club.

Since last time I went a little too long between updates, I decided to do one now. (There will probably be two more – one in October and one at the end of the year.)

So here is how it has gone…(If you would like to catch up on the rest of the challenge click here to see my other updates – intro to challenge, update in March, update in June.)

Entryway/Mudroom (June 1) – We don’t have a mudroom and the entry way to our house is practically part of the living room. It certainly isn’t big enough for a bench or other storage area. It also is right next to our downstairs hall closet, which is where we store most of the items listed in the challenge. Most often we enter the house through the garage. At this entry point, there is already a row of hooks for jackets, and the counter in the dinette holds my purse and keys in a convenient location.

IMG_0184Living/Family Room (June 8) – The main purpose of our living room is for watching TV or playing video games. There really wasn’t too much organizing to do here. We did replace our entertainment center. This one has drawers to better keep track of the game controllers. And I took this time to get rid of the bin of books that no one has touched since the kids were toddlers.

Dining Room (June 15) – Our biggest challenge is not to use the table in our formal dining room as a dumping ground for mail, packages, toys or whatever else we decide to “temporarily” set there. (It seems nothing ever stays there “temporarily.”) We are hoping going to get into a nightly routine of cleaning off the table. We will see how that goes as we are never good with follow through.

Laundry Room (June 22) – Our laundry room is part of our walk-in pantry. While the challenge suggested storing dirty clothes or finding a place to fold your clean clothes in your laundry room, I don’t find that practical in our situation. I did take this time to clean up the shelf over the washer and dryer and discard some almost empty bottles.

Laundry Schedule (June 29) – This is another week where I really had nothing to do. We already had laundry baskets in each bedroom for dirty clothes collection. I established the days I was doing laundry over 10 years ago (the bulk of it on Thursdays with bedding done on Fridays). This works for me and I saw no reason to change or add anything based on the challenge.

Personal Home Inventory (July 6) – This is something that I know we should do. We need to keep track of all the items – especially big items such as TVs, computers and collectibles – that we own. The week this challenge came out I was redecorating Lexie’s room and prepping Jase’s room for painting. So needless to say, I didn’t get it done that week, but it is on my to-do list.

Purses and briefcases (July 13) – I don’t know any woman who doesn’t need to clean out her purse (unless of course she never carries one.) There is always “stuff” (excess coins, trash, lists or even a crayon or two if you happen to have kids) that accumulates over time. Thankfully, I carry a relatively small purse and don’t feel the need to cart everything around with me so this was a challenge that could be done in just a few minutes.

IMG_0183Books (July 20) – I love books. I even re-read some of my favorites. So this week’s challenge of getting books was hard for me. But I did it. I pared down my bookcase to just the ones that would fit on the bottom four shelves. The rest will be sold to Half-Price Books.

This week’s challenge is CD and DVDs so feel free to join the challenge and declutter your house.




2 thoughts on “52 week organizing challenge update (again) 

  1. sjhigbee says:

    We SO need to do this challenge! I think I’ll be joining it next year if we haven’t prevailed at all with the clutter that is slowly suffocating me! I’m awed at how clean and TIDY it all looks – congratulations on following through with this.

  2. […] began the 52-week organizing challenge in January and was still going strong at my last check in in July. Sadly, I have to say it hasn’t been going so well since then. With our vacation and then the […]

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