Redecorating the kids’ rooms

In April, Lexie asked if she could redo her room into a “big girl” room. She wanted to remove the butterfly wallpaper border and take down some of the pictures on her walls.

That one question led us to the decision that both kids need to update their rooms. Jase still has the cute animal border he asked for when he was four. He still loves the border but I know soon he will consider it to “babyish.”

So we (and by we I basically mean I) spent June cleaning out and organizing the kids’ rooms. They had gotten in the habit of just shoving things in the closet (heck you couldn’t even get to Jase’s closet) or under the bed. There were tons of little toys everywhere. But I put everything in bins and soon you could see the carpet in the corners of the rooms.

We let each child decide what color to paint their rooms and then decided to let them buy a few new room decorations.


Room 2Lexie of course wanted to paint her room pink. And not just any pink but bright pink. We nixed that idea but offered her some choices of pinks – even the option of having one wall in a dark or bright pink. She ended up choosing to have her room with light pink on the top half of the walls and a darker pink on the bottom half (at about chair rail height). And of course she wanted sparkles.

Room 3So we picked Ballerina Tutu for the bottom half and Blush Rush (both from Behr) for the top. And to get the sparkles she wanted I used Valspar’s silver paint crystals. I put two packages in each color so for about $32 she has wonderful sparkly paint.

So far the only room decorations we have added is an Elsa wall mural and Elsa light switch cover. Lexie also changed her flower lamp shade for a pink one with crystals hanging from the shade. She also asked to remove the stuffed animal chains and to have a stuffed animal hammock like Jase had in his room.

She also rearranged her furniture and now her room looks bigger than before. Of course I think it helps that it is cleaner than before too.


jacen 1Jase was more reluctant to change his room. He saw nothing wrong with it the way it was. But the paint had been in the room for 12 years and I felt it could do with a new coat of paint. He ended up choosing a deeper blue and then after seeing how dark Lexie’s pink turned out, he went down a shade to a slightly lighter shade of blue. We ended up with Yacht Blue from Behr.

jacen 3His biggest addition will be a Star Wars wall mural. I offered him several to choose from and was surprised that he went for Darth Vader when he typically has been more interested in Clone Troopers. Unfortunately, we can’t put it up until the paint has been on his wall for 30 days. It will go on the same wall as his bed (in the area above the AT-AT in the photo.)

We tried moving some furniture in his room to give him more space but he has more big stuff and it didn’t really work out as well as it did in Lexie’s room. I think the key in both rooms was moving their Lego tables from the center of the room and putting them against a wall.

Well both kids are now happy. I told them we are not redecorating their rooms for at least 3 more years so they had better enjoy them!


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