My kids movie tastes are changing

In June, Jase (who turned 10 in May) declared he wanted to see Jurassic World. It isn’t often my kids ask to see movies. They rarely watch cable TV, so they don’t see many movie previews. (This is also why they aren’t clamoring for the latest toys.)

But this time, Jase saw the movie preview while watching something on YouTube. Then he saw the video game Lego Jurassic World and that sealed it; He wants to see the movie (and buy the video game.)

Now at 7 and 10, my kids are not what I would consider sophisticated movie/TV watchers. They watch no live-action TV shows, and up until a year or so ago, they watched very few live action movies. To broaden their viewing selections, and so they wouldn’t be behind when discussing movies with their friends, we instituted a family movie night.

During family movie night, we have seen a wide range of movies, including those rated PG-13. They have already seen all four Indiana Jones movies, and of course Jase had seen all six Star Wars movies by the time he was Lexie’s age. And we won’t even get into the video game violence. (Jase played Halo at an age younger than I would have liked.) So our kids have seen some violence and some scenes that could be scary to someone so young.

So when Jase asked to see Jurassic World, I wasn’t worried about the violence but was worried more about how he would handle the scary factor. I mean, being eaten by a dinosaur is a terrifying thing. Since he hadn’t seen any of the other three movies, I told him before he could see Jurassic World, he would have to make it through the first one.

The weekend Jurassic World came out we settled down to watch the original Jurassic Park. Lexie opted not to watch it. Jase did fine. He peered out from under his blanket at times, but he handled everything in stride (especially after I told him the kids don’t die in the movie.)

IndominusEye1Two weeks later, we left Lexie with my parents and off we went. I had warned him that seeing the movie in the theater where the dinosaurs are so large and loud would be different. He did hide and peer out from under his blanket during a few scenes. But overall, he did great and loved the film.

In fact, he liked it far better than Inside Out which the whole family saw the next day. I will say Inside Out was a good movie but neither of my kids really liked it. Jase continually asked during the last 30 minutes if we couldn’t just leave.

So now that Jase has seen Jurassic World and survived, we may be moving into a different range of movies for him than before. And Lexie who is three years younger may not be ready for those as she clearly declared about any “dinosaur” movie. This may mean many more trips to the theater with only one kids in tow and that movie nights will become harder to find a movie that we can all agree on.



One thought on “My kids movie tastes are changing

  1. sjhigbee says:

    It can be a problem… There is 5 years between my grandchildren, but as my granddaughter is the older, she is quite happy to let her brother play ‘catch-up’. But you do get to certain ages when their tastes suddenly kick up a gear. At 5, I was slightly taken aback when Oscar announced he was too old for Thomas the Tank Engine AND Cars…

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