Parenting websites to check out #AtoZChallenge

WToday we are up to the letter W on the A to Z Challenge. As it is Monday, I typically cover a parenting issue and thought it might be a good idea to share some Parenting Websites for today’s post.

Now I don’t necessarily go to a lot of parenting website now as much as I did when the kids were younger but here are some good ones.

This site has a section for kids/teens and adults. It covers everything about kids’ health and development. From pregnancy, to school and family life, to emotions and behaviors and more this site is a wealth of information. There is even a Q&A section that answers some of the most asked questions.


This is one of the sites I rountinely go to when I have a medical question. They do an excellent job of going over treatments, when to see the doctor and question to ask. It may not go in-depth into your topic but at least will give you an overview of whatever ailment you are looking up.

It also offers a symptom checker where you enter in your symptoms and it suggests possible ailments. Of course this is only to be used to help you decide what to do next. It is not meant to replace going to the doctor.

When I was pregnant and right after having my son, I really enjoyed the community forums on WebMD. It was a great place to connect with people in the same situation or get advice from other parents.

Basically an online version of Parents magazine, this website has up-to-date articles on pretty much every parenting topic. You can find craft ideas and get advice on parenting issues all in one place.  Looking for fun ideas to do with the kids? Check out the Family Fun Magazine.

If you are looking for a site to print your own custom bingo card or awards and certificates. I suggest checking out DLTK. I used this site a lot when the kids were in preschool. It has great things for their preschool class parties.

Most of the websites I have bookmarked are no longer on parenting issues but on activities for the kids: the library, children’s museum, play centers, the zoo, and of course their school and school district’s websites.

If you have a parenting website that you think people should check out, please leave it in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Parenting websites to check out #AtoZChallenge

  1. Very useful. What did we do before the internet? Its so comforting to be able to ask and be answered quickly, and to be able to seek comfort. ~Liz My blog is at: Blogger will take you to the wrong site.

  2. […] is for Parenting Websites to check out […]

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