Update on the 52-week Organizing Challenge

At the end of last year, I announced my intention to take part in the 52-Week Organizing Challenge. Today begins week 9. So far, I must say it is going well.  Some weeks have been more helpful than others and some of taken more time than others.

I wish I had thought to take some before and after shots. I will say that most weeks the organizing did prompt me to go buy something – a bin (or several bins) or a binder – to complete the work.

Here is what has been covered so far.

Week 1 – Kitchen Counters – Stuff always seems to pile up on the counters in the kitchen and I am not just talking about the dirty dishes that should have been put in the dishwasher but weren’t because the dishwasher hasn’t been emptied.

Not only did I clean off the counters, I worked on a system to ensure they don’t become cluttered again. (That means I have to actually empty the dishwasher first thing in the morning so we can fill it up as the day goes on.) So far…it is working great and even my husband loves how they look without all that clutter.

Week 2 – Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets – I have a lot of cabinets and this took a while to complete. I did not get this all done in one week but rather tackled a few of the cabinets on some of the less instense organizing weeks.

Even though it isn’t part of the challenge, I also took this time to wipe down all the cabinets and drawers. I also tried to be ruthless with getting rid of stuff that we do not use. I have a bad habit of wanting to keep things…just in case.

CIMG3610Week 3 – Pantry/Food Storage – Half of our pantry is for food and the rest holds craft stuff, pool toys, and outdoor toys for the kids. Over the years it has become very disorganized so it was nice to re-do it. CIMG3612I put all the food on one side and all the “other” stuff on the other side. This is where I had to buy the most bins.

Week 4 – Refrigerator and Freezer – An easy two day project – one day for each. And it was nice to get rid of the expired food which luckily I did have too much of. Again, this was a good time to actually clean and wipe down both the fridge and freezer.

Week 5 – Recipes – I weeded through the cookbooks and tried to purge the ones we don’t use. I also had a stack of recipes I had printed or clipped from magazines. They recommend you go through those and pull out the ones you aren’t ever going to make. The rest were put in that binder I had to go buy. But the area is much more organized.

Week 6 – Recycling/Trash cans – This was an easy week as we already have a recycling system set up – though we did decide to add a recycling bin to the office upstairs. I used this week to clean the trash cans. Yuck!

Week 7 – Coupons – Not much to do here. I don’t clip a lot of coupons as there never seem to be coupons for the products we buy.  And I already had a filing system for the few I do clip.

Week 8 – Meal Planning/Buying Groceries – Another week without much for me to do as we have a meal planning and grocery buying system in place.

So as you can see, some weeks were better than others. But I like that I get a new task to do each week. It fits in with all the other things I have to do without being overwhelming. And while there are some topics that don’t apply, I am sure the house will be more organized if I keep up with this.

3 thoughts on “Update on the 52-week Organizing Challenge

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