Today’s Featured Author: Susan Leigh Noble

Yes – today I am the featured author on my own blog. So welcome to me! Actually I had an author reschedule at the last moment so I thought it was a good time to put another excerpt out from my new release The Heir to Alexandria.


Grayson returned to the cabin, circling it until he came to the open window. He peered in. A tall thin man stood before a woman lying on a cot. Her red hair was spread out over the grey blanket. It took him a moment to realize the woman was Alista. The man bent over her. Grayson couldn’t see what he was doing. He didn’t wait to find out. He ran to the front door as he drew his sword. The door wouldn’t budge. He kicked it, causing it to fly open.

The man swung around. “Who are you?”

“Step away from her.”

Grayson entered. He noted the bottles lining the tables and assumed he had found Thorin. The man stepped away from the bed with his eyes on Grayson’s sword. They circled each other. When he got close to the cot, Grayson glanced down. Relief washed over him when he saw Alista breathing.

“What did you do to her?”

“I don’t understand. Who are you?” Thorin stepped back, bumping against the table.

“She came for the Astraglan extract. Where is it?”

The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a red vial. He thrust it toward Grayson. “Take it.”

As he reached for the bottle, Thorin swung a knife at Grayson. He barely had time to twist away. As he did so, he ripped the bottle from the man’s hand. He kicked out, sending Thorin tumbling backward.

“Get out! Take it and get out,” Thorin shouted as he got up. “The girl stays here.”

Thorin rushed toward him, jumping away as Grayson swung his sword. He grabbed a box, flinging its powder at Grayson. The yellow dust burned his eyes. He rubbed them with one hand as he swung his sword blindly. He could hear Thorin moving. Then he saw a blurred image coming toward him an instant before the man rammed into him. He fell backwards, hitting the ground hard. His sword fell, sliding across the floor. Thorin punched him in the face.

“You will not take her!”

Grayson blinked, trying to clear his vision. Thorin grabbed his shirt and pulled Grayson toward the door. Grayson grabbed one of the table legs as he gripped Thorin’s hand that held his shirt. He twisted it. Thorin yelled, releasing his hold on Grayson. From the floor, he kicked upward, striking the man in the stomach. Thorin fell to the ground as Grayson scrambled to his feet. He snatched a cup from the table, flinging the contents onto the still form of Alista. She moved, muttering as she struggled to open her eyes.

“What did you give her?” he asked as he advanced on Thorin.

The man scrambled backwards. Grayson grabbed his shirt and pulled him to his feet. He rammed him into the wall beside the door, pressing his forearm into Thorin’s chest.

“Answer me!”

Thorin stared at him. Grayson smashed him into the wall again.

“It…it is something to relax her.” Thorin glanced at the cot. “The first dose always knocks them out.” He smirked. “But if taken often, it makes them compliant.”

Grayson slammed him into the wall again. Thorin’s head cracked loudly against it. The man drooped and Grayson let go, allowing him to slide to the floor. He swung around. Alista was sitting at the edge of the cot, swaying slightly. He grabbed her arm and pulled her into a standing position. She looked at him with a bemused expression on her face.

“Come on.”

He led her to the door, pausing only to pick up his sword. Alista stumbled slightly. He thought for an instant he would have to carry her. But then she righted herself and began walking with more confidence. They hurried toward the trees.

“Wait! No! Bring her back!”

“Keep going,” he said to Alista.

He didn’t wait for a response. He turned to face Thorin. The man stumbled forward, a knife in his hand.


He glanced back. Alista was on her hands and knees. She struggled to rise, clearly still dazed by the drug Thorin had given her. Grayson dashed to her side. He turned back as he heard a rustling from the nearby bushes. A large wolf entered the clearing. The creature didn’t look at him. Its eyes were on Thorin. The wolf bared its teeth, growling. Slowly, the beast advanced until it blocked Thorin’s access to them.

Grayson helped her to her feet. He ushered her into the forest. A scream broke through the air. He paused. For a moment, he was tempted to go back and see what had happened. The next scream cut off abruptly, and Grayson led Alista away.

Book Blurb

HeirAlexandria_ebookcoverBelieved the descendants of the Gods themselves,

The Alexandria line ensured peace,

Until they were brutally murdered.

But rumor spread a maid escaped with the youngest daughter.

Now as the world rushes toward a period of unrest, the nations’ Kings continue their 200-year-long-search for the Heir to Alexandria – the one person who can bring peace and stability through divine power.

Alista has her own search – for the parents who abandoned her as a baby years ago. When her only lead proves to be a dead end, she heads to the capital with a reluctant escort. Grayson is just following his aunt’s order, but he would rather be on one of his solitary scouting missions for the Landra Guard. However, when Alista unintentionally curses a guard in front of the King’s court, everything changes for both of them.

Now forced to travel to Covington for testing, danger lurks at every turn as a secret society strives to prevent the return of the Alexandria line. Are Alista’s visions of the future enough to save herself and those traveling with her?

You can purchase The Heir to Alexandria on Amazon.


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