My top 5 writing and my top 5 publishing posts from 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

As 2015 begins, I wanted to take a moment to list some of the better blog topics from 2014…Since I do both writing and publishing topics, I picked five of each to showcase – listed in no particular order. If you want to check out these blogs, simply click the “more” link next to that topic.

Top 5 Writing-related blogs

1.) Writing a novel with multiple points of view – Last year, I wrote a blog on deciding which point of view – first, second, or third-person – to use in your novel. One thing I didn’t address is writing your novel from multiple viewpoints – using one or more characters to tell the story. (more)

2.) 9 ways to brainstorm story ideas – Many authors are teeming with story ideas, so they just need to pluck one and develop it into a novel. But newbies and even a few veteran authors sometimes falter when finding a story to write. (more)

3.) Beware: Too many or too few speech tags – A speech tag lets readers know who is speaking. She said, he snapped, Aunt May whispered. But using a tag on every line gets to be cumbersome to read. (more)

4.) Killing off your characters – No matter what type of novel you are writing – thriller, mystery, romance – there may come a time when you need to kill off one or more of your characters. This is challenging for some writers who grow attached to their characters. It can be equally hard for the readers when a favorite character dies. (more)

5.) Conflict drives your story – Every story needs some form of conflict. Without conflict there would be nothing to drive the characters and plot forward. It is the character overcoming obstacles that supply the drama, the suspense, the tension in the story. (more)

Top 5 Publishing-related blogs 

1.) Formatting your self-published novel – DIY or hire someone? – You have written your novel and now are ready to publish it as an e-book. But your file needs to be submitted in the proper format as required by the publisher. So do you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you? (more)

2.) Most authors won’t earn a living as an author (at least right away) – When I first self-published my fantasy novel, Summoned, I had no delusions that it would be an immediate “best seller.” Heck, I knew from the start that it would be hard to find readers when there are so many other books vying for their attention. It is a daunting task for any new indie author and one that I think many are unprepared for. (more)

3.) Promoting your novels within your (or someone else’s) book – As an independent author, promoting my books is always high on my list of things to do. One of the easiest ways – and sometimes the most overlooked – is promoting within your published book. (more)

4.) Don’t be in a rush to self-publish – You’ve dreamed of the day when you can hold in your hands a copy of your own book. You imagine showing it off to friends and family as you proudly declare you ARE an author. But as you are preparing to self-publish your own book, I urge you to make sure you – or more importantly your book – are ready. (more)

5.) Tips to improve your author website –  Every author should have either a website or a blog to promote themselves. Here are some tips for those of you who choose to set up an author website. (more)

And here is to another great year of blogging about being a self-published author. If any of you have suggestions for topics, please leave them in the comments….after doing this for three years, I can certainly use the suggestions.


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