Decorating for the holidays

“Can we decorate the tree now?” Lexie asks for what has to be the hundredth time.

Yes, last week we finally decorated the house for Christmas. In the past, we have sometimes put the decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I don’t want them up BEFORE Thanksgiving. As much as I love how the house looks, I like to finish one holiday before starting another.

Downstairs tree

Downstairs tree

So, the weekend after Thanksgiving we talked about getting our trees down – yes, they are artificial because that is what I grew up with, and Lexie would probably be allergic to the real things and yes, I did just say trees as in plural. We have one upstairs that we put all the presents under and then another one downstairs in the living room.

Upstairs/Office tree

Upstairs/Office tree

We got the downstairs tree out of the garage and up in the living room first. It is a 9.5’ slim pre-lit tree. The upstairs tree, which is in our computer room/office, is 7’ tall and much wider. It is also pre-lit and incredibly heavy. We store it in the garage on a high shelf above the garage door. We have a pulley system set up to help us get it down, but it is still always a big chore.

Next out comes four boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorations. Yes, we have a lot of ornaments. (So far we have added 12 new ones this year thanks to my mom.) Most of our ornaments are from Hallmark and stored in their original boxes, so they take up a lot of room. It also takes a long time to unpack all of them. The kids were very impatient waiting for me to do that.

P1040094A majority of our ornaments are Star Wars. Many years ago, my parents started buying my husband all the Star Wars Hallmark ornaments each year. P1040085After 19 years of marriage, those are a lot of ornaments. The kids get a few new ornaments each year from my parents too. For Jase it is Star Wars or Star Wars Lego ornaments. Lexie gets usually Disney’s princesses (this year Elsa and Belle) but also has received Batman and Curious George to name a few others.

Now the inside of the house is usually decorated first because the outside always feels like a lot of work. We typically have icicle lights on the top of the house. That is closest we are going to get to real icicles here in Texas. We also have net lights for the bushes as well as lights for the driveway as well as a two deer and a Christmas tree. Yes, pretty when it is all up, but it does take a long time to set up and for the house lights, we need to wait for a non-windy, rainy day.

So finally our house is looking ready for the holidays. The kids are excited, which makes all the work worth it. I just don’t want to think about having to take it down in about three weeks!

One thought on “Decorating for the holidays

  1. sjhigbee says:

    I have a collection of battery-operated cheesy Christmas penguins/Santas/trees that leap around singing a Christmas song… And I’m DEFINITELY not telling my husband about your Star Wars collection in casr it gives him ideas!

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