Today’s Featured Author: Bobbi Romans

I don’t typically host authors on Tuesdays but this book’s story is about Thanksgiving so it seemed appropriate to do a feature before the big day. So please welcome Bobbi Romans, author of An American Holiday, to my blog.


Please tell us about your current release.

An American Holiday holds the most “true tidbits” of any book written to date.

What inspired you to write this book?

The joy and madness of large (or kooky) families coming together for the holidays.

What kind of research did you do for this book?

Didn’t need to. These were my stomping grounds growing up.

Can you tell us a little about the black moment in your book.

When Kristi realizes these moments are family are a gift and one that won’t always be there. Its fleeting a moment, but for her, a powerful one.

What was the most difficult thing/scene to write in this story?

The evolution of her surprise revelation. I’m not used to writing such a slow progression, but for her (not him) this was sweetly slow.

Did the story turn out the way you planned from the beginning? If not, what change happened that you didn’t expect?

Yes, when 1st sitting down, the end couple was not who I’d planned. It was plotted to have a very different ending.

Any scenes in the book stemming from a real event?

YES. Well sort of. When I was a kid I heard stories of my great grandparents house. Their basement had a concrete block missing in the wall and all the smokers in the family would sneak (Great Grandparents were anti smoking/drinking) their smokes and put the butts in hole. My grandmother (one of the smokers) said Lord help anyone if that wall gets knocked down. LOL Also, the sign hanging in Kristi’s bathroom. “When its brown flush it down, when its yellow let it mellow.” Apparently up on the mountains water conservation is a tad more in depth than most areas. My dearest friends grandparents had a sign that read that, hanging in their bathroom, in Harpers Ferry no less. ALSO, the recipe included… is truly my Great Grandmother Obaughs.

Book Blurb

AnAmericanHolidayAhh, Thanksgiving… complete with ghosts of holidays past. Those being humiliating memories of last year’s revelry gone wild: jail cells, a tattoo and rose left on Kristi James pillow by someone she can’t remember.

Toss in two brothers who, while loving, had needled her with vivid imagery on what might have happened during that fateful rendezvous at the local HoJo’s. Seriously, what’s a girl to do? She’d run like hell from Harpers Ferry back to her apartment and job in Alexandria.

She’s praying this year’s holiday ends a bit more traditional. But between exploding turkey’s, cranberry fights, and the winter storm threatening to lock them all together for God only knew how long, she’s fairly certain her Norman Rockwell hopes have flown the coop.

Adding another layer to this casserole of disaster, the high school boyfriend—who’d cheated on her two days before prom—returns, claiming to have made a horrid mistake all those years prior.

Amid all this, what has her heart flip-flopping is catching her best friend Simon getting cozy with his latest girlfriend.

Thing is, she isn’t sure why its bothering her so badly.

Sometimes it takes coming home again… to discover how lost we’ve really been.

About the Author 

Bobbi Romans born and raised in the suburbs of D.C, now resides in the south with Prince Charming and her overly large, nutty family. Currently, Bobbi is hiding from her loud family in a closet as she taps away the next installment in the Swamp Magic series.

Little known facts: She’s been on the Gordon Elliot show and has owned ferrets, crawdads, rats, flying squirrels and a barnyard of other animals/critters.

You can find out more about her on her website. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

You can purchase An American Holiday on Amazon.

One thought on “Today’s Featured Author: Bobbi Romans

  1. Bobbi Romans says:

    Well that will teach me for answering any questions late at night. Excuse the typo’s folks. Also, one commenter (chosen by random . org) will win an ecopy of An American Holiday.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful, love and laughter filled, upcoming holiday.

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