Wanted: Authors for Featured Author spot

Would you like to be a featured author on my blog? I host guest authors every week – any genre, both traditionally and self-published.

The post can take one of three formats: author interview, book excerpt or a guest post on any aspect of writing, publishing, and book marketing.

I feature guest authors on Fridays, on a first-come-first-served basis, though I do have a few Tuesday openings to accommodate special requests for dates related to promotions such as book tours or book releases. Right now I have one Friday in November (28th) open as well as two in December (19th & 26th) and all of January open.

If you are interested, send me a message along with any date requests, and we’ll take it from there.


5 thoughts on “Wanted: Authors for Featured Author spot

  1. Maris Morton says:

    Hi Susan, I’d be glad to contribute to your blog! I write crime/mystery fiction with a close-up and personal slant, without being really ‘cosy’. My first novel, A Darker Music was a prizewinner here and my second, The Herb Gardener, came out earlier this year; a collection of my short stories will be published in USA mid-2015. My writing celebrates country life in Australia. I’m happy to do an interview or an excerpt, whichever suits you best.

  2. lyndilamont says:

    Very interesting, Nan. I’d never heard of Blogher, but will check it out.

  3. Hi Susan. I’d be hapy to do an interview for any of those dates, whichever fits best for you. Here are my Amazon author page and website as source material for some interesting questions:



    Best wishes,

  4. […] I read a lot of book blurbs through the authors I feature on this blog every Friday. I lot of them are not doing their job of enticing me to buy their book. […]

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