Dressing up for the Alamo City Comic Con

Batman, Wonder Woman, ninjas, Jedi Knights and few characters I can’t even name surrounded us at the Alamo City Comic Con last weekend. When we decided to attend the Comic Con, it was pretty much a given that we would be dressing up too.

We are not typically Comic Con goers. This is only our second one. We went to our first – the Lone Star Comic Con in June of 2013. Even though this is the second year for the Alamo City Comic Con, it was far larger and had more stars than the Lone Star one. Stars included Stan Lee, Clark Greg (from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and a host of others from the Walking Dead, Star Trek (the original series), and well…there are too many other shows to name.

CIMG3393Our cast of characters….

The Queen – Lexi originally wanted to go as Batgirl. She even picked out a light pink dress with a black Batman symbol, belt and mask. But then she decided to be Elsa for Halloween, and I ordered her a new Elsa costume that came with a hair piece. It came in a week before the Comic Con, so she decided to go as Elsa the Snow Queen.

The Jedi Knight – Now my husband’s costume is one he made. He had a Jedi robe which he wore to the Lone Star Comic Con. This time he decided to go for the whole costume, but he didn’t really like the costumes online. He bought scrubs as the base and then made the lighter tunic and belt. While originally we were going to make do with some pirate-type boot toppers that he had from his pirate costume, he ended up ordering boots. I think his costume looks great and far better than something I would have been able to make.

The Clone Trooper – Jase originally was going to wear his 501st Clone Trooper costume from last Halloween. But he picked out a Star Wars ARF Trooper costume for this year’s Halloween (Yes I ordered these way before Halloween. That will be the topic of next week’s post.) Jase is very excited about this costume and chose to also wear it to the Comic Con.

The Huntress – I had the hardest time picking a costume. Originally, I wanted to purchase a Supergirl costume and even found one I liked. But then I saw a Huntress costume – not the comic book character Huntress. It is more of a medieval type character and right up the alley of the type of stories I write. I love it but didn’t think it fit perfectly in for the Comic Con as it was, so I changed out the grey shirt for a black tunic tank and liked the effect even better. (My husband was hoping I would wear a Darth Vader dress that was like the R2D2 dress I wore during Star Wars Weekends. Here’s a link to a photo of me in the R2 dress.)

Photo Sep 28, 11 56 36 AMSo we all went dressed-up last Sunday. It was fun. Lexie got tons of attention. Everyone wanted a photo with her. Here is a photo of her with a drawing of Elsa. The artist (pictured in the background) even snapped a photo Lexie holding up the drawing. Those who knew Star Wars of course wanted a picture with Jase or my husband. Sadly, I think I was only included in one picture of the whole family. Hmmm…next year maybe I will go as Supergirl.

4 thoughts on “Dressing up for the Alamo City Comic Con

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  2. […] The first year – I wore a huntress costume. A generic costume – not the DC character. My husband went as Jedi, and the kids went as Star Wars ARF Trooper for my son and Elsa for my daughter. […]

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