Keeping the dog out of the cat’s litter box

Sadie Rose, our Cocker Spaniel puppy who just turned one-years-old last week, has fit well into our family. But there are a few reasons she doesn’t have full run of the house yet. When we can’t play with her or watch over her, she stays in the kitchen with a dog door that lets her have free access to the backyard.

One of the reasons she can’t have full run of the house is that she still has that puppy tendency to chew on things – usually the kids’ toys. It is like having a toddler. She finds the smallest pieces of anything – a Lego, a coin, a balloon – and puts it in her mouth. Even when we think we are diligent about picking up, she still finds something – just like a toddler does.

But one of the main reasons she doesn’t have free roam of the house is the cats’ litter boxes. Sadie Rose loves to get “snacks” out of the litter box. Yuck!

We have two litter boxes. One was upstairs in the kids’ bathroom. We had been keeping the door closed when she was upstairs, but sometimes we would forget to close the door or the kids would use the bathroom and then leave the door open. Next thing you know, she is in there searching for a treat.

Our other litter box is downstairs. It used to be in the half-bath across from the pantry but we moved it to the dining room so the cats could reach it without having to go past the puppy. Once we found out that Sadie would eat out of the litter box, we raised it off the ground. This worked until Sadie Rose grew taller.

So my husband and I looked for a solution. Research online said we weren’t likely to break her of this disgusting habit. The suggested solution was to make the litter box unattainable. There were countless sites offering normal-looking furniture that hides a litter box. Some sites even showed you how to create your own. However, I couldn’t fathom adding more furniture to our house – especially anywhere I would want a litter box.

CIMG3291My husband suggested putting the upstairs one under the bathroom cabinet and the downstairs one under some cabinets in our dinette area. But doing this would mean cutting a cat door into the cabinet doors. Now we won’t be in this house forever so I didn’t like the idea of cutting into the doors.

As we discussed our options one evening while sitting in our computer room, I noticed the cabinet we had bought to hold our Pachinko machine. We had already drilled holes to keep the machine upright so it wouldn’t fall on the kids. The inside housed some books. This looked like a good candidate for trying our own hidden litter box.

CIMG3292We bought a new cat box that fit inside and my husband added a cat door. I must say it looks pretty good. The trick was letting the cats know it was there and of course getting them to use it. We kept the door open for a few days (closing it when the dog was upstairs.)

We have had the doors closed for a few weeks, and at least one cat must be using it. Now we just need to decide what to do with the downstairs litter box. Once that one is taken care of and we get Sadie to stop chewing up the toys, she will be ready to have run of the house.


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