Today’s Featured Author: Anne Conley

Please welcome author Anne Conley to my blog. Today she sharing with us an excerpt from her latest novel, Falling for Faith, the fourth book in her Four Winds series.


“You don’t need to get away from me.  You’re mine.  You stupidly made a deal with the Original Evil back at that house, and you’ve put yourself in serious danger.”  If he couldn’t make her see reason, he’d have to do this the hard way.

“You’re a troglodyte.”

He barked laughter at her, which only made her squirm more.  He crawled up her body to still her, quite enjoying the feel of her under him.  “Get the fuck off me,” she spat at him.

“Only if you tell me your name, Sweetheart.”  Michael lowered his hips on top of hers, trying not to think too hard about the position he was putting them in.  Her heaving breasts were touching his chest, and they were really fucking soft.  He could feel her heart pounding under her shirt and told himself he wasn’t scaring her.  He smirked.  “I’m Michael.  Your turn.”  He could feel her legs squirming under his and he used his feet to pin them.  She sighed, rolling her eyes.  It was a bit dramatic, so he humored her.

“Untie me, and I’ll tell you my name.”

“Promise not to attack me anymore.”

She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth in thought and looked at him through glassy eyes.  She was gorgeous.  “Faith,” she whispered.

Michael stilled on his journey up her body.  Did He choose the women for their names?  It sounded like something He would do. Was the name choice part of the allure?  “Of course.”  He reached over her head and let the ropes loose, entwining his fingers with hers and bringing them between them, looking at the nearly perfect specimen of feminine wiles under him.

Faith.  Because Michael had lost Faith in his Father?

Whatever.  She was still his.

He watched her, as he hovered over her body, his hands still clasping hers.  She clutched at his fingers as if he were a lifeline, and she still heaved ragged gasps. Michael had been around a long time and knew his way around a woman’s body.  Her pulse raced in her neck, he could smell a sweet sweat just under her skin, her cheeks flushed.

Faith was turned on.

He could use this to his advantage, and it wouldn’t be a hardship.  Not at all.

Michael released her hands and slowly lowered his mouth to hers until there was only a whisper of breath between them.  “I swear to you, I’m not the enemy here.”  He continued, with something he hoped she would understand, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and know Earth, you may make your victory complete.”

Then, to his surprise, she broached the distance and kissed him.  It was a passionate kiss, one that distracted him beyond reason.  Her hot little tongue slipped past his lips, and Michael couldn’t find himself if he tried.  Her mouth was so warm and wet, reminiscent of other orifices, and his manhood popped to attention as he forgot the mission, forgot the trouble she’d gotten herself in, and reveled in the feel of her mouth.

She groaned into him, and he ate the sounds, uncaring about why he was doing this anymore.  He’d never experienced a kiss this demanding, this fervid, in a long time.  It was his undoing.


Faith arched under him, grabbing the waistband of his jeans and pulling, while her other hand snaked around his neck, pulling him closer.  He continued exploring the cavern of her mouth as she raised her knee, and with one swift upward thrust, kicked his armpit, adjusting his posture.  In a seamless move, she rolled, scissoring her legs around his torso, and he found himself on the ground next to the sofa, wrapped in a jujitsu hold that was cutting off his air supply quickly.

She had one arm and his neck between powerful thighs, squeezing him into unconsciousness.

Yeah, this might be fun.

Book Blurb

coverIn this, the fourth book in the Four Winds Series, the story is more intense, Damien is more intense, the sex is more intense. The entire series thus far has escalated into this, the archangel of war’s story.

Michael, the archangel of war, is pissed. Humanity has taken every last vestige of any feelings he might have had and colored them in with cynicism. He’s ready to be done. So when The Boss gives him the deal, he’s eager for his mortality, at any cost, regardless of who he has to ‘fall in love’ with to get it. Blessed death. That’s what he’s looking forward to. When he finds out what Faith does for a living, he’s pissed off all over again.

Faith is a cat burglar, but when she inadvertently makes a deal with Damien, Michael steps in to protect what is rightfully his. She’s not over her own tragic past, and this hulking bundle of hotness can’t change that. But when he insists on protecting her, claiming her, and dominating her, she is powerless to deny her own emotions.

For mature audiences. Contains swear words, sex, elements of BDSM, and possibly heretical viewpoints. 

Author Bio

anne in the bluebonnetsAnne has written her entire life and has the boxes of angst-filled journals and poetry to prove it.  She’s been writing for public consumption for the last four years.  Currently she is writing two romance series.  In Stories of Serendipity, she explores real people living real lives in small town Texas in a contemporary romance setting.  In The Four Winds, she chronicles God’s four closest archangels, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael, falling in love and becoming human.  She lives in rural East Texas with her husband and children in her own private oasis, where she prides herself in her complete lack of social skills, choosing instead to live with the people inside her head.

You can purchase Falling for Faith on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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