E-book giveaways: are they worth it?

People love to get free stuff. Giving away something on your blog can be a great way to generate traffic.

When I picked this topic to write about, I was thinking about the people who do a promotion where they enter you into a drawing for a free book or e-book if you visit their site or make a comment on their blog. But when I first researched this topic, most of the sites were about offering your book for free. I have already covered that topic in – Are Free books worth it? (And I still think they are worth it if you have written a series or have multiple books published.)

What I wanted to talk about today is the “One lucky commenter will win a free copy of Summoned today!” type promotion. So is offering your book as a prize a good idea?

Well, one of the things about offering a giveaway is the prize has to appeal to your visitors. If people are on your blog to find out about your books, a book giveaway might be a great thing.

When I did a book blog tour, it was recommended to offer prizes – one for a lucky commenter and one for the blog that had the most comments. I gave away Amazon gift cards. As a new author, I felt that a gift card would be a bigger draw than a book by an unknown writer.

As I said before, people have to be motivated to enter your giveaway. However, if you give away something that most people enjoy – like an Amazon gift card – you can still attract booklovers to your site that you might not have otherwise reached.

If you do decide to a book or e-book giveaway…

  • Decide how the people need to enter such as following you on Twitter, liking your Facebook page, subscribing to your blog, or commenting on your post.
  • Promote your giveaway everywhere. If no one knows about your contest, they won’t be visiting your blog. Send out notices on your social media outlets, post it on your blog, and locate blogs and websites that operate solely to announce blog contests.

The best thing about doing a free e-book is that there is no shipping cost and the cost to you is really low. If you have never given away an e-book, see my post on gifting a copy of your e-book.

If you want more information on having a successful e-book giveaway check out this site (and be sure to click the link to read the first part of the series.)


One thought on “E-book giveaways: are they worth it?

  1. Good advice, thanks for sharing 🙂

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