Shopping for back to school supplies

The end of summer countdown has begun. So while we try to cram in those last fun summer activities, we are also preparing for school. It begins in just two weeks.

CIMG3294The week after the fourth of July, stores begin stocking their shelves with glue, pens, pencils, folders, notebooks, scissors, backpacks and other school supplies.

About two to three weeks after the supplies are put out I picked up all the kids’ supplies. I like getting the items early while they are still easy to find. My only complaint is that whoever makes out the school district’s supply list obviously has not been to a store lately.

They ask for a package of 200 sheets of notebook paper. Packs in our stores only come with 175. Guess we are just going to be 25 sheets short – or rather 50 sheets short since we need two packs.

They list an 8 oz. bottle of glue. First off, the big bottles are only 7.6 oz., and it is never the one on sale. The 4 oz. one is on sale. So, we buy two of those and be done with it. And don’t even get me started on why they ask for a 16 box of crayons when the 24 box is much easier to find and cheaper. (Yep, buying a box of 24 instead of 16.)

Nowadays, buying school supplies isn’t like it was when I was a kid. Back then you got to pick out your folders and notebooks with characters on them. My kids’ list specifies pretty much plain binders and certain color folders. The only real personalization comes in buying spiral notebooks, supply boxes or your backpack and lunch box.

We don’t always get the kids a new lunch box but every year they have gotten a new backpack. This year we added in the lunch boxes because the others had been used for over three years and looking a little worn.

A backpack for Lexie was easy. She wanted a Frozen themed backpack. I bought hers on Zuliliy, and it came with a matching lunch box. Jase, on the other hand, is harder. He is entering the third grade and all of sudden self-conscious about what his backpack looks like. He doesn’t like most of the character ones anyway. His last year’s bag was camouflage, and we may stick with that this year if we don’t find the perfect new one.

As for school clothes, the kids have drawers full of clothes that still fit. But we will still buy – or should I say my mom will buy – them a few new outfits for school. A new outfit for the first day or something nice for picture day is always welcome.

CIMG3298I think the only item the kids’ really need before school is shoes. Lexie is hard on her shoes, and Jase’s feet have grown. Jase always wants Star Wars shoes, so we took a trip to Stride Rite last week. (The center pair in the photo is from Payless for Lexie.)

So with supplies bought in July and clothes and shoes bought last week, we are all set for school. Just 14 more  days until it starts.


One thought on “Shopping for back to school supplies

  1. Alex Hurst says:

    As a teacher, I try to avoid character-themed anything as much as possible, as the kids get jealous, or steal, or fight, or make fun of someone for liking Pokemon or PreCure (Japan) when they’re X-years-old. To some extent, I even avoid pink, because it’s become such a gendered color that girls get territorial. :/

    But yeah, I remember selecting Trapper-Keepers and notebooks of Lisa Frank or other cool things. That was fun.

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