Today’s Featured Author: Gianni De Micco

Today I welcome author Gianni De Micco to my blog to discuss his book, IHSO: Jesus the Good Shepard.


What inspired you to write this book?

 My name is Gianni De Micco and I am 53 years old, born on June 28, 1960. Throughout my life I have received and witnessed countless miracles from Jesus. I was inspired by the Holy Spirit through divine grace to share the good news of these miracles with others and to return to Jesus his One Lost Sheep. It is testimonial evidence built upon a deep and intense love between myself and Jesus.

How did you come up with the title of this book?

I received a miracle from Jesus, I don’t want to spoil it for the readers but suffice to say that the letters “I H S O” signifies:  Jesus saves us or this is the sacred host.

What was the most difficult scene to write in this story?

It was definitely the part of having to relive the traumatic events which caused my mother’s passing and my ensuing loss of faith in Jesus.

Did the story turn out the way you planned from the beginning?

It took me two and one-half years to write this book after having reflected for a two year period on what I was going to write.  I have edited the book ten times since its first completion.  This final version has left people in tears, speechless and in awe of God.  Throughout the editing process I obtained feedback from a group of people who helped me to refine the message of this story in a more descriptive manner which was clearly lacking and more crude on the first version.

What is the best and worst thing about being a writer?

The best thing is being able to let your emotions out.  Writing is very therapeutic and helps you heal. I would encourage anyone to try this. Often times we may not have the necessary support in terms of friends or family to do this. Writing is an easy way to do it. It is discreet and allows you to manifest your feelings without fear of being judged. The worst thing in being a writer is that you may find yourself stuck in a position where you can’t seem to find the proper words to describe a particular part of your story which will grab your reader’s attention.

Book Blurb

IHSOOn July 8, 1979 what was supposed to be a pleasant boat ride on a lake located at Laronde Amusement Park in Montreal turned into horror. Gianni was out with his friends on that fateful Sunday being totally unaware that his mother and four younger siblings were at this amusement park. A lethal combination of a defective roller coaster ride, the overcrowding of a passenger boat ride and, an ongoing speedboat show was about to have catastrophic consequences. Strong water waves in the lake hit the passenger boat with such force that it capsized over itself killing three people in the process, one of whom was Gianni’s mother. The exhaust pipe of the boat shattered her head wide open as she tried to save the youngest five year old sibling from drowning.

Gianni was baptized at birth in the name of Jesus and in doing so he became part of his one hundred sheep. He first learnt how to pray the Our Father when he was twelve years of age. It was his mother who taught him no harm can come to you if you believe in Jesus. This tragedy severely tested and devastated his faith. Unable to cope with her passing Gianni rebelled against Jesus and reneged on his sacrifice. He pledged his allegiance to Satan and went on to live a life of sin even daring God to punish him.  He did not want to hear the name of Jesus pronounced under any circumstance.

Jesus was hurt with his decision and he went out to search for his One Lost Sheep as is written in the scriptures for it is never the will of the Father to lose a little child.  Over the course of twenty four years starting from the date of the death of his mother at the age of nineteen, Jesus gently gifted to Gianni countless miracles in trying to encourage him to return to his faith but to no avail. Gianni had become hard of heart and deaf of ears. It was only when Karma appeared, when he was forty three years old, to claim reparation for his evil deeds that he converted his ways.  A series of unforeseen events triggered an avalanche of suffering that finally made Gianni come back to his senses.  Unable to cope with his suffering he went on to search for God and finally found him.  He repented his sins, asked Jesus for his forgiveness and spiritually converted back to his faith.

Gianni thought he was saved and had finally made it home safely. What he did not realize was that his enemy Satan was furious with his betrayal and was about to engage in a ten year battle to reclaim his soul from Jesus. During this period of war Gianni was terrified for his life.  He suffered an onslaught of satanic attacks both physical and mental and did the only thing he could which was to place his faith in Jesus. In doing so he became privy to countless miracles from God and was allowed to peak into the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, which he is now sharing with the world. If people only knew the miracles he received and witnessed they would finally believe.

About the Author

Gianni De MiccoGianni De Micco is a tax consultant operating a small business.  He is the father of two beautiful adult children and lives in Chateauguay, in the province of Quebec.  He is a practicing Christian and attends the Catholic Church on a weekly basis. He is a devout follower of Jesus having built an altar for Jesus in his home where he worships God.  He made a spiritual conversion towards Jesus and away from sin at the age of forty three. He is very passionate of the biblical scriptures and is fond of reading spiritual books written on the lives of saints whom have suffered the stigmata wounds of Christ. At this point in his career Gianni is trying to share this good news to people of all faiths, to let them know there is a God who loves them very much and who longs to be with them.

To find out more about Gianni, check out his website.

IHSO: Jesus the Good Shepard can be purchased on Amazon US and Amazon Canada.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Featured Author: Gianni De Micco

  1. maria says:

    I’m half way through the book, most of it is interesting but being an x family member ,I can tell you that there are a few lies told . If you want God salvation & forgiveness you need to tell the whole truth.. By denying this truth how can Mr. De Micco call himself a sheep of God & doing gods work

  2. Devout Catholic says:

    I have read this book in it’s entirety and would just like to point out that it is full of doctrinal errors and makes a lot of strong claims contrary to what the Catholic Church really teaches.

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