Leaving puppy Sadie Rose while on vacation

Back in October before we adopted our Cocker Spaniel puppy, Sadie Rose, I suggested we hold off on looking for a puppy. I knew that we had several trips planned, including two in June. I thought it would be best to wait and get a puppy AFTER all of our trips.

The puppy bug had everyone, and I was out voted.

IMG_1593So we adopted Sadie Rose. She has been a great dog and has fit nicely into the family. The kids love her. But what were we going to do when we went out of town?

Our first thought was to have her stay at my in-laws’ place. They have two dogs, and we thought she could easily stay with them.

When we asked, my in-laws said that one of their dogs is a digger. He sometimes digs under the fence. They were worried Sadie Rose would get out. Their property is large enough that it would be hard for them to check everywhere the other dog might dig. So my in-laws decided that they would drive to our house daily to check on Sadie Rose and our three cats.

P1030299Because Sadie Rose is still a puppy, we don’t let her have free reign of the house. We have a gate up to keep her in our kitchen and dinette area. And she has a dog door allowing her unlimited access to the backyard so daily visits would work.

Our first trip was a short weekend trip to Dallas to visit the Lego Discovery Center. My mother-in-law came over for an hour on each day we were gone to give Sadie some company. Sadie was eight months old at the time. She did great.

But that was only two days. The real test was coming. We would be gone for eight days at the beginning of June for our trip to Disney World.

On our first short trip, we left her a new bone to chew. This time we left her with a few new toys and a bigger bone to chew. We hoped this would keep her busy while we were gone. We also left on the radio to provide some sounds for her. (The radio is on most days so nothing new except it wouldn’t be turned off at night.)

During our trip, we received a few text updates that Sadie was doing fine as were the cats. This helped the kids – though honestly, we were in Disney World and they were often too busy to worry about the puppy. By the end of our trip, we were eager to get back and see her. She was so happy to see us.

I knew a few days after our return that it was probably now not even a memory that we were gone. She is just happy to have us home and to play her favorite game – laser tag. But we had one additional short trip – four days to the beach for my husband’s annual legal conference.

As before, she did great. Nothing was destroyed, and I know she loved the extra attention my in-laws lavished on her. But she couldn’t be happier than with us at home. And with no more trips planned this year we will just be home raising our puppy.

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