Joining the PTA Executive Board

Three years ago when my son started kindergarten, I joined the parent-teacher association (PTA). I had no clue what I was doing but there was a sign up if you were interested in it and the next thing I knew, I had agreed to be responsible for the PTA student directory.

I did that for the first two years, and then they request you change committees. So this school year (which ends in just three days), I chose to do Faculty Appreciation. This is an awesome committee that plans lunches for our wonderful staff. It has been fun and when I signed up for it, I assumed I would be doing it again next school year.

Nope, not going to happen.

piggy bank uid 1070772In December (yes, they start recruiting early here), I was asked to join the PTA executive board as their treasurer. The executive board consists of the president, three vice-presidents (one for membership, fundraising and parent education), the secretary, the treasurer and the parliamentarian. The rest of the PTA board is made of about twenty-five other committees.

Now my friend Stephanie has always kidded me that I would someday be president of the PTA, and of course, she looks at me joining the executive board as a step in that direction. Honestly, looking at the requirements/duties of the PTA president and how little free time I have, I am not sure it is a job I would ever want. (Check back in a couple year and see if I am posting about becoming PTA president.)

Treasurer should be a good fit for me. I am organized (though you would never know it from looking at my desk). And I am good with money. I already handle our household money as well as do all the bookkeeping for my husband’s law firm.

So in April, I was voted in as Treasurer. I was the only candidate so it wasn’t like I had to do anything other than stand up and say I would do the job. It was the same with all the other positions. So our executive board will be made up of 5 new people and 2 returning executive board members.

We have had two meetings of the new board since then. The first was to decide on the PTA fundraiser for next year. We are going with a carnival. It sounds like a lot of work but is supposed to be a great fund generator and is far better than the 5K run they originally proposed. The second meeting was to discuss the proposed budget for next year.

Now that school is just about over, I only have to meet with the past treasurer to transfer over the files and to attend the Texas PTA leadership seminar in Houston this July. Then I am off the hook with anything until August when the beginning of the year will bring the sale of spirit items and membership dues being collected. I am sure I will be really busy. I just hope that come August or September, I am not regretting my decision to take on this position.


One thought on “Joining the PTA Executive Board

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