S is for Summoned #AtoZchallenge

SToday on the A to Z Challenge we are up to the letter S. Since I have already written about my work-in-progress (Alexandria) and the other two parts of my trilogy (Destiny and Quietus), I thought I would talk about with the book that started it all – Summoned: Book 1 of The Elemental.

I started Summoned many years ago before self-publishing on the Internet was even an option. Originally, when I submitted it to publishers, it was under the title – The Elemental. It wasn’t until I decided to make it a trilogy that I changed the name to Summoned and used The Elemental for the trilogy name.

Anyway, I sent out query letters and sample chapters to publishers. I received a lot of rejection letters. When finding an interested publisher wasn’t working, I looked for an agent. By this time, I knew I was writing a sequel but again, there was no interest in Summoned.

I would get discouraged and life would get busy, so I would put away my manuscript for a while. Then I would bring it back out, make some revisions (changing the beginning and tightening up the story) and send it out to a new list of publishers or agents. And the cycle would repeat.

SummonedFINALFinally, after I decided to become a stay-at-home mom, my husband suggested I try self-publishing it online as an e-book. That turned out to be the best suggestion. After a new set of revisions and much proofreading, I had someone design my cover and put it on Amazon.

Of course, being a newbie indie author I had no clue the amount of marketing and time it would take before I would start generating sales. But I am happy to say that Summoned is doing well, and the sequels (Quietus and Destiny) are out and doing well too.

4 thoughts on “S is for Summoned #AtoZchallenge

  1. that is awesome that you have such support at home and happy to hear your self-pub venture is doing so well!
    happy a to z-ing!

  2. Congratulations on having the guts, and the perseverance to go through that and self-publish!! Wish you the best of luck, and I hope you find many readers. 🙂

  3. Nancy Mock says:

    Congratulations on your perseverance and success! I have a friend who is about to self-publish her first novel, I’m so excited for her. She has been working hard at it for a long time… just like you did 🙂

    Nancy at Hungry Enough To Eat Six
    2014 A to Z Challenge Participant

  4. Nancy Mock says:

    Also, following you on Bloglovin’ 🙂

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