Q is for Quietus #AtoZchallenge

QjpgOn the A to Z challenge, the letter of the day is Q. My first thought was to write about the second book in my trilogy, Quietus.

When trying to come up with a nemesis in for this book, I developed a small purple insect that devoured anything in its path. I was looking for a name for my creation which would be the bane of the Land. Thanks to a thesaurus I found the word Quietus which means something that eliminates or kills. Perfect, I thought. But I failed to look up the pronunciation of the word and assumed it was quiet us (kwahy-it-uhs).

QuietusFINALFrom Quietus:

“Yeah. Some storeowner I guess started it. Some out-of-towner described the area to him and how quiet it seemed. Hence, he called it Quietus. Or as he said ‘One that will quiet us all.’ Anyway the name has caught on.”

Of course later I found out that it is pronounced – kwahy-ee-tuhs.

Regardless of how it is pronounced, I thought the title was unique. But a quick check on Amazon shows that at least dozen other books with quietus in the title. Go figure.

One thought on “Q is for Quietus #AtoZchallenge

  1. Guess there are some other authors with a thesaurus as well. Sorry, that was a lousy stab. In truth, it’s difficult to come up with a unique title that will stand on its own. I think you’ve done it, despite the other titles out there.

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