P is for poison #AtoZchallenge

PToday on the A to Z challenge, we are up to the letter P. I decided to go with Poison. As a fantasy writer, I have often written about poison, whether it be on a poisoned item such as a dagger or one that is slipped into someone’s drink.

poisonHaving a character poisoned can add drama and conflict to your story. Will an antidote be found in time? Or will it just provide a gruesome death?

When writing about a poison, be sure to research it well. You need to know how it is administered, how it affects the body, and whether there is an antidote or not. The Internet is obviously a great place to research poisons, but I love the book Deadly Doses – a writer’s guide to poisons. This is a great beginning resource for symptoms, toxicity levels and reaction times.

And if you can’t find a poison to fit your story, consider creating your own. For more information on that, check out my post: Creating a fictional poison to add drama to your novel.

2 thoughts on “P is for poison #AtoZchallenge

  1. J E Oneil says:

    “A writer’s guide to poisons”. Not intended for use in illegal acts, right? 🙂

  2. sandy says:

    First thing that came to mind is Arsenic and Old Lace…my DD had the lead in..or should I say one of them…she was one of the old ladies. Loved it, thanks for memories.

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