Having a birthday on a holiday or during school vacation

I never wanted my kids to have a birthday in the summer or during a school break. It makes it hard to have a party when you no longer can easily get in touch with classmates. Plus there is always the chance that people will be on their own vacation during these times.

Even worse is having a birthday on a holiday. Now Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day may not matter but to have one on Christmas (or even the day before or after) has to be hard. No one is coming to a party on Christmas and the holidays are chalked full of activities that sometimes even the days before or after are too hectic. And then there is that dreaded joint birthday/Christmas gift. Instead of getting two toys, you get only one.

At an early age, many kids may not mind having a holiday birthday but as they get older, it matters. The negative of any birthday around Christmas is also that you get all your presents in one swoop. (And for the parents it makes purchases trickier as you don’t know what others are getting them. My friend Patty has had to take items back that she bought for Christmas after her twins had their birthday party two weeks before.)

Fork in slice of birthday cakeLexie’s birthday has always landed on Spring Break as it lands during the second week of March. I have been telling Lexie that the whole school takes off for her birthday. But what this really means is we have her birthday celebration spread out over at least two weeks.

We had her party with friends on March 1. You can’t have it the weekend before or after her birthday as those are part of spring break and many people go out of town or have other plans. To avoid having a low attendance, we started last year having it during the first weekend of March (though we have to schedule it around Jase’s karate tournament that is always that weekend.)

Then there is the celebration in class which we did on the Friday before Spring Break. This is where she wears the birthday crown or ribbon and gets to share treats – cupcakes or donuts – with her classmates at the end of the day. And lastly, we have a family get-together on her actual birthday.

Since her birthday lands on Spring Break, she usually gets to choose what she wants to do that day which means we will go to the museum or the zoo or a bouncy place as part of our day time celebration. That is a lot of celebrating for one little girl.

Jase on the other hand doesn’t get the two week long celebration. His birthday is mid-May. His class party and family celebration are typically done on his birthday. We usually have his party the weekend after his birthday as the weekend before is Mother’s Day. Of course being the great kid that he is, Jase doesn’t mind not having the LONG celebration that Lexie gets.

The only negative from having his birthday in May is that it is the last full month of the school year and many of the kids with summer birthdays tend to have their parties this month rather than dealing with getting people to come to a party on their actual birthday. So around here, May is a hard month to throw a party too.

This is the first in a three-part birthday series. Next week – Waiting for the dreaded RSVPs. 

One thought on “Having a birthday on a holiday or during school vacation

  1. I am not fond of people who have kids’ birthdays close to Christmas either LOL. Because really, I don’t want to go – I’m all celebrated out! A family member has one every year without fail for her two kids within two weeks of Christmas.

    The problem we have in my house is that mine and my husband’s birthday’s get forgotten. Our eldest was born on his birthday, and our youngest within five days of mine. So this coming weekend it’s nothing but joint celebrations.

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