Taking the kids to the rodeo

CIMG2410I took the kids to the San Antonio Rodeo in February. For those of you not from here, every year San Antonio hosts a large indoor stock show and rodeo for three weeks every February. In fact, it has been named the Large Indoor Rodeo of the Year for nine consecutive years. Yes, it is a big deal here.

We don’t typically go to the rodeo. My husband and I went once years ago because it was required by his law firm. We had dinner, attended the rodeo and stayed for the concert. I can’t even remember who played that evening. It was okay but not really our thing.

I took the kids three years ago when they were 5 and 2. Every Friday is discount day – admission, rides and some snacks are just a $1 each. This is about the only way that I am willing to go as the rodeo isn’t cheap.

When I last took them, it was easy since Lexie wasn’t in school and at the time Jase was in a half-day preschool program. Now, they are both in elementary school. Our school district frowns on people taking their kids out for vacations or things like the rodeo. But I decided it wouldn’t be a bad thing to pick them up early one Friday and hit the carnival at the rodeo.

The kids had a blast. They each got 10 ride tickets. Two do them were used on a huge slide, and three were used on the fun houses. It was interesting to see them switch from some milder rides to those a little wilder. Lexie was disappointed to find out she was 2 inches too short for a few rides they wanted to do. But they had a good time.

CIMG2408We also went to the petting zoo which had llamas, pigs, goats, sheep and deer. Then, there was the kids’ farming area where they earned a bandana and a yogurt drink for completing a series of farming stations.

We didn’t get to see any mutton-busting, bronco riding or barrel races. Those activities are not included in the Dollar Days. I don’t know if the kids would be excited to see that part of the rodeo or not. Given Lexie’s allergies and the amount of dust, dirt and other allergens, the rodeo is probably not the best place for her. Even with an extra dose of antihistamine, she itched something fierce at bedtime.

Overall, I think it was worth missing an hour and half of school. The kids were able to see some livestock and learn information on farming in addition to the fun of the carnival. Only the hour trip through rush-hour traffic on our way home would make me pause about doing this again next year.


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