Fixing our “painted” kitchen counters (remodel follow up)

Last March, we remodeled our kitchen by putting in a new sink and painted our counter tops for under $600. About 9 months later, I noticed a few spots here and there where the paint had worn off and exposed the original off-white kitchen counters.

Area by the stove

Area by the stove

At first, there were just a few spots next to the stove (a high-use area) and by the sink (an area that is often wet). It was these two areas that I decided needed to be redone after the spots near the stove began to grow each time we wiped the counter.

I did the area by the stove first. As I applied the black primer from the Giani granite paint kit to the exposed areas, I noticed more and more little worn marks. I didn’t want to repaint the whole counter (even though it is a small section) so I just dabbed on some back primer on the exposed areas.

Repaired area by stove

Repaired area by stove

It took me a little while to remember exactly how I sponged on the other colors. I know the first color wasn’t done precisely the same as before, but I am hoping now that I have added the others and layered on the colors that it will look okay. Actually, I am sure it will be unnoticeable to anyone else, but I may always see any flaw. I noticed this was true last time.

I was extra careful about putting on the clear coat and made sure there was plenty of coverage. They recommend two coats, but I went ahead and added a third.

The sink area before repairs

The sink area before repairs

I did the sink a few days later. You can’t use the counter while painting, and the clear coat needs to set for a minimum of 24 hours before use, so I didn’t want to have two sections of the counter out of commission at the same time.

After shot of section by sink

After shot of section by sink

By the time I did this second section, I felt like a pro. It was easy to blend the new areas in with the old. I don’t think in either area, you can tell that I “fixed” the counter at all.

While I am disappointed that we didn’t make it through a whole year (or much longer) before having to fix the counters, I must say I do enjoy how they turned out. I don’t know if the problems that developed are due to the product or to “user-error”. I did have a lot of counter tops to cover the first time, and the clear coat was the hardest thing to do. There is certainly a possibility that I didn’t apply it well enough. And of course since I am not using their brand cleaner, I guess my cleaner could have worn away the clear coat.

Would I still recommend this paint for your counters? Yes, I do. It was an inexpensive fix to spruce up our kitchen, and the repairs to the paint were easy.

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