Writing a romance in 125 characters or less

romanceOur newspaper ran a promotion for Valentine’s Day asking readers to tweet a romance story. You had 140 characters (less when you figure you had to use 15 characters for their hashtag – #mysatweetheart) to write you story.

Now back in October 2011, the newspaper had done the same thing with horror stories for Halloween. I entered five into that contest and had three published in the newspaper. This past October I took one of those tweets and turned it into a short story.

I love this type of challenge. For the Valentine’s Day assignment, I did three romance tweets.

Longingly, he gazed into her eyes. Leaning forward, their lips met. Her heart skipped a beat and she knew he was the one.

Gazing at his photo she recalled the day they met, their first kiss, their wedding and the day he died. Always her true love

Kids arguing, baby crying, dog barking, washing machine overflowing. He comes home with flowers and an “I love you, honey”

On February 12th, the newspaper will print the tweets they selected as the best. Check out the other tweets submitted on Twitter.

UPDATE 2-12-14: Only one of mine (the bottom one about kids) was picked. It was listed first on the page! Check out the other “winners” here.

2 thoughts on “Writing a romance in 125 characters or less

  1. Those are really cute stories! I love the idea of that 🙂 It sounds like a lot of fun to try.

  2. […] And the last challenge was this January when they asked us to write romance stories. Here is the one that was published this time. (To see the other, click here.) […]

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