Why the Otterbox Commuter is so worth it

When I got my iPhone 4 back in December of 2011, one of the first things I did was look for a cover that would protect the phone if I (or more likely, one of my kids) dropped it. I had heard Otterbox phone cases were very popular and after reading reviews decided I needed one.

Otterbox Commuter Series Hybrid Case for iPhone 4 & 4SThese cases are constructed of a high-impact polycarbonate exoskeleton with an impact-absorbing silicone layer. I went with the Commuter series because it was less bulky than the higher rated Defender series.

I must say that I am so glad that I bought this. It has done a tremendous job of protecting my phone. Yes, the phone has been dropped numerous times with no damage. Well, at least no damage to the phone. But the Otterbox outer shell has cracked several times. But it is better that a $30 cover breaks than a $200 phone, right?

And the best news is that Otterbox offers a warranty for the first year of purchase. IMG_1775You just send them the date of purchase and a few photos of the problem and within days, they ship you a new product. I replaced my first Otterbox through the warranty but by the time the new one cracked, the warranty was up.

No problem, I simply went on Amazon and bought a new one. This was April of 2013. In July, my phone fell off my lap at the Circus, cracking the case. (Again, no damage to the phone.) I got my warranty replacement and not less than two weeks later I again found a crack in the case. Otterbox was great and sent me yet another replacement at no charge.

That one lasted me until right after Christmas when I noticed another crack in the case. I don’t even recall dropping the phone, but I quickly sent in my photo of the damage. One day later, I received an email that my new case was being shipped to me.

So this is one $30 purchase that has resulted in three replacement cases. Now I guess someone could think that this means there is something wrong with the Otterbox cases. But I don’t think so. Just think about the damage that could have happened to my phone without the case. I would much rather keep replacing the cover than have to replace my $200 phone. In my book, the Otterbox Commuter is definitely worth it.

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