Marking a tweet as a “Favorite”

More and more I receive notices in my inbox from Twitter that someone has “favorited” one of my tweets. So this got me wondering what this means and what having a Tweet marked as a “favorite” does for you.

Here is what I learned after a quick Internet search.

Favoriting a Tweet is kind of like hitting the “like” button on Facebook. It means someone liked or approved that Tweet. But unlike on Facebook, everyone doesn’t see that “like.” It does not show up in anyone else feed. In fact, it won’t show up on your page or the other person’s Twitter page. It really is a private “message” between you and that other person.

favorite tweets

For me to see which tweets have been marked as a “Favorite” (besides receiving an email alerting me), I need to go to the @Connect section to see the interactions. Here it lists who retweeted my tweets, tweets I am mentioned in and the ones that were marked as a “favorite” – those have a little gold star to the left of the tweet.

favorite tweets2

Any Tweets that I mark “Favorite” will show up on my profile page under Favorites (on the top left column).

You can also check out what your followers are marking as “favorites” by going to the #Discover tab. (Here you can also see what tweets they have retweeted.)

So what is the purpose of “favoriting” a tweet other than to say you like it? Well, it can be used as a way to bookmark tweets that you want to remember such as the link to an article you might like to read later or a book to check out.

Of course, part of my research showed that spammers like to mark tweets as favorites. The theory is that when you receive the notification you will take a peek at the person’s profile. Then there is the possibility that you will click on their bio link to learn more about them, which will take you to spam. There are even programs out there that favorite people’s tweets for you.

I am not sure how effective that is since I have not had the time to check out the people favorting my tweets.

As of today, I haven’t clicked the “favorite” button on any tweet but think it might be a good way to mark those tweets I want to remember.

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One thought on “Marking a tweet as a “Favorite”

  1. Yep, and you also get a notification if a tweet you are mentioned in gets favorited, which can take you places you’ve never been before . . . .

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