Walking to school…why is that so unusual?

Every morning at 7:10, I herd the kids out the door, and we walk to school. Along the way, we add other students and parents until there are seven students, four adults and one younger sibling walking to the elementary school. Sometime another student or two joins us.

IMG_1293We do this every day. A few times if it is too cold or rainy, I drive my kids to school. But even in the rain we sometimes walk as you can tell by this photo. (Lexie’s umbrella broke so Jase was sharing his.)

To me, it seems obvious that we should walk. I mean we are only a 10-minute walk from school. It is .4 miles according to Google’s map. However, walking doesn’t always seem to be the norm in my neighborhood. Even though we live close to the school, many of my neighbors decide to drive rather than walk. Now I can understand it if they are dropping off their kids on the way to work or to run errands, but often I see these same people just returning home. Perhaps they just can’t get everyone ready in time to walk.

I guess maybe they don’t understand why we walk or think it is some sort of hardship. Twice in October, someone offered to give me and my kids a ride to school. I was surprised by this. OK maybe I wasn’t surprised on the day that it was raining because I am sure they felt sorry for us walking in the rain. The other time, it wasn’t raining so I am unsure why we were offered a ride. But what really surprised me is I don’t know these people. As nice as these people may seem, I am not getting into the car with them.

I like walking with the kids. It is good exercise for all of us, and it gives me a chance to chat with them. Most morning, the weather is nice. This is Texas after all so the temp is probably no lower than 30, and that is only a few days in December or January. But the walk home in August, September, and May is miserable. We are talking high 90s to low 100s. It is hot. But we still walk and plan to keep it up,  even when the kids go to middle school since that is even closer to our house at .3 miles away.


One thought on “Walking to school…why is that so unusual?

  1. I used to walk to and from my primary school as a kid.

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