Getting household chores done

You would think with both kids back in school that I would have plenty of time to get things done. Not so. They have been back in school for over a month and have I thoroughly cleaned the house? Nope. Have I got caught up on all my projects? Not a chance. It seems even without the kids here, I don’t have enough time to get everything done that I want to do.


One thing that can’t slip (too much) is doing household chores. Back when I first stopped working to be a stay-at-home mom, I made up a system. I divided up my chores so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with them and trying to take care of a newborn.

Mondays – clean the bathrooms (we have 3)

Tuesdays – clean the kitchen

Wednesday – pay bills

Thursday – laundry

Friday – change sheets and do any other cleaning that needs to be done

My husband (or son) does the vacuuming of the floors on Sundays as well as emptying all the trash cans.

It has been eight years, and I still use this breakdown. Hey, if it isn’t broke, why fix it?

But I have other projects I want to do – such as cleaning out the closets and cabinets or purging some of the old toys from the kids’ rooms. And there is some additional cleaning that I have been neglecting. I hate dusting, for instance, and sometimes the walls don’t get wiped down regularly. (Don’t even get me started on the baseboards).

It is just in the scheme of things, how important is a super clean house? I mean do I need to have it perfect? I vote no on that. I don’t want to make cleaning the house my top priority. I don’t necessarily want to tell the kids that I can’t do something with them because the house needs cleaning.

As they get older, more of the chores will be delegated to them. Right now, they are only required to keep their rooms straightened up, and toys picked up in the living room and rest of the house. We don’t tie their allowance to chores but do pay extra (as in when Jacen vacuums).

So I guess in the next few weeks, I will try to get to some of those other projects – especially the one about purging the kids’ rooms as we need to make room for the toys they will get at Christmas. And I will keep working on keeping the house somewhat clean. Thankfully, I have a system in place for that.

2 thoughts on “Getting household chores done

  1. Swap one chore for a new one…then you can go back to the usual routine the following week. The thing about housework is it is never ending so if dust is a few millimeters more for one week its not the end of the world. When my kids were young I would clear out the bottom of their closets of toys a month or so before Xmas. They never miss them (well almost never!) I gave them to charity/thrift stores. I do a new season clear out of wardrobes again give to thrift stores. I recently donated mugs, plates, pots & pans as well the ones that sit in the cupboards and never get used. Someone else will make use of them.

  2. samemom says:

    Normally, I have to bribe my kids to do their chores. And it is typically “Hey, you know that game you like? You can play it for an hour if you do _______” (Of course I monitor what games. Usually I trick them into something child appropriate like I suppose each parent has their own style. I can’t wait to hear how you are progressing!

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