Using World Literary Cafe to promote your book

I have written about many good websites for author support or promotion (Authors Database, Independent Authors Network, Goodreads, Wattpad). Here is another one to add to the list – World Literary Cafe.

newswire_logoThe World Literary Café is an online community bridging the gap between readers and authors.  They offer promotions to authors, reviewers, bloggers and editors by bringing them together on one site.

Readers are able to discover new authors and great books, including notices about free e-books. For authors, they provide resources on publishing, marketing and connecting with readers.  They also connect bloggers, reviewers and other people in the author services field (editing, cover design, publishing, and marketing) with authors.

Now to take advantage of these services you do need to become a member of the site. But that is as easy as filling out the form after you click the “Join Now” button.

Once a member, you have the choice of selecting paid or free book support. I will cover some of the benefits of their free services first.

Free book support

If you are planning a free book promotion, you can list your book here. Just post a listing under the correct date your book will be free. If it is free multiple days, then list under each date.

Linking authors and bloggers

If you are looking to promote your book or a blogger looking for authors to feature on your blog, you can check out the Author-Blogger Connection to arrange blog tours, interviews, reviews and guest posts. I have used this both as a blogger looking for authors to feature on my Friday Featured Author spot and as an author promoting my latest release.

Tweet teams

If you use Twitter to promote your books, you can widen your exposure by using the tweet teams. By signing up for this, you are partnering with nine other authors. You agree to tweet up to two tweets for each member on your team. You also agree to tweet out a few tweets for WLC (see their daily tweets list). Now this really works on the honor system as no one checks to make sure everyone does their tweets. And there is no requirement on when your partners have to send the tweets. They could send them all out at midnight. I always tried to spread the ones I did for others throughout the day.

There is also an Indie Kindle Tweet program where WLC will tweet out about your book for you. You can sign up once a week (no promoting of erotica). You must use a few of their key words and include #indiekindle in the tweet. 

Paid services

They also offer a few paid services. Social Media Mania is $45/day and offers an excerpt of your book on their blog and will be advertised on their Twitter and Facebook accounts and through their Triberr account. There is a cheaper version ($20/day) if you have a free e-book but this comes without the excerpt.

Today’s Hot Titles allows you an advertising spot on the WLC homepage. Up to 6 books are featured every day and are promoted through Twitter and Facebook. This costs $25/day.

New Release Registration runs from the 1st to the 7th of each month and features a link on the WLC homepage. This cost $45 and offered for books published within the last 45 days.

I have never used any of their paid services but have used their free services with good results. It is certainly a place I suggest authors check out to promote their books.

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