Puppy Sadie Rose joins the family


Yes, I am officially crazy. We have added to our household, which includes two kids (ages 5 and 8) and three cats, a brand-new puppy. Sadie Rose is a Cocker Spaniel. We got her last Monday. She turns 10 weeks old today.

I think it was a year ago that I wrote about my kids asking for a puppy. I wrote about the reasons we got rid of our last dog and about my daughter’s allergies. At the time, we got rid of Bella, Lexie was miserable. (We got rid of those same three cats at the same time, but they only went to my parents’ house with the option to come back.) We have since used NAET to treat Lexie for both her cat and dog allergies, which allowed us to bring the cats back. It has been two years, and she has done fine with them. She has also done fine visiting my in-laws and friends who have dogs. So my husband and I thought that it might be time to consider getting that dog the kids kept asking for.

When we began talking about getting one, I suggested we wait until after our trip to Disney World in June. We have back-to-back trips planned. I thought it would be easier to wait until after those trips. But in October, the kids got back on the puppy kick so my husband and I started talking about what type of dog would best fit our family. You see the past two times we got a puppy (once was before we had kids), we didn’t really think about it.

Our first dog Mandy was free. We just answered an ad and added to our family, which included two cats. Needless to say, our apartment was cramped. Mandy moved with us from Lubbock to Brownsville and then to San Antonio. She died when I was pregnant with Lexie. With a baby on the way and a toddler in the house, we knew getting another dog would need to wait.

When Lexie was 18 months old, we talked about getting a puppy in June after our annual trip to the beach. By that time, Lexie would be 2. Then in November, our neighbor rescued a pregnant dog, and we adopted one of the puppies in January. Bella was a lab mix. The problem is we didn’t know what the father looked like. Bella grew fast, and she required a lot of attention. Even with training, she was a handful. She was eager and playful and knocked Lexie down quite a bit.

The following October is when we found out about Lexie’s allergies. The week before Christmas, the cats left. The day after Christmas, Bella went to her new home. And ever since that day, all the kids have wanted is for their pets to come back. For the cats that happened nine months later. But for Bella returning wasn’t an option.

So as we considered a new puppy now, we looked at our family and thought about how active of a dog and how big of a dog we could get. We didn’t want a small dog such as a Chihuahua or a Bichon Frise. But a lab or German Shepard would be too big. We wanted a good family dog and thought a Cocker Spaniel would fit in nicely.

Now both of our other dogs were essentially free, and we didn’t want to pay a breeder hundreds of dollars for a puppy. They wanted $600 to $1200 for Cocker Spaniel, and that was definitely more than we wanted to pay. Then one day, I saw an ad on Craigslist for Cocker Spaniel puppies. (Yes, this was probably a backyard breeder which isn’t the best place to get a puppy.) It worked out that we got their last girl puppy.

The kids were so excited. They even argued over who would pick up the puppy poop. (Yeah, I knew that wouldn’t last long.) Sadie Rose is a laid back puppy and smart. We don’t have her potty trained yet, but it is coming along. The cats are getting used to her. I am just glad they will be in the same room with her. We have a puppy obedience class already selected, and she will start that in about two weeks. I must say, so far, I think Sadie Rose will be a great fit for our family.

2 thoughts on “Puppy Sadie Rose joins the family

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  2. Your dogs are all so good looking and seem to have great dispositions.

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