Counting calories to lose weight – it works!

In the beginning of September, I wrote a blog post about counting calories to lose weight. In July, I had been to the doctor and weighed 134 pounds according to their scale. So I decided to start counting calories using the Calorie Tracker app as a way to lose weight.  My goal was to get back down to 120 pounds. Well, I am now just one pound away from my goal! This means I have lost 13 pounds in just 12 weeks!

Now I won’t say this has been totally easy. As I said in my last post, there were quite a few days I went over my target calorie intake which kept going down slightly as I shed the weight. And then there was my birthday where I refused to count calories and ate whatever I wanted all day long. But most days, I did well with keeping the calories close to their recommended amount. Never once did I feel like I was dieting. It was all about making better choices.

I had originally thought I would add in exercising in September when the kids went back to school but that hasn’t happened.

One of my other concerns when I first started counting calories was keeping up with it. I did awesome for the first 11 weeks. And then it happened. I didn’t enter my calories for the day. Oh well, I thought, I will enter them tomorrow. But nope that didn’t happen. In fact, I haven’t entered calories for the past week. But I have still been watching what and how much I eat. I was hesitant to weigh myself this morning, fearing by not counting calories that I had added a pound or so. I was surprised to find that I had still lost weight without diligently tracking each calorie.

So now that I am almost at my target weight and the holidays are approaching, I think I will change the setting to maintaining my weight. (Who am I kidding, I probably won’t even enter calories into the app anymore.) This adds 475 calories to my daily intake goal. Thanks to counting calories, I now have an idea what and how much I can eat and meet this new goal. And I know that going over one or two days is also not the end of the world. Losing weight doesn’t mean starving yourself. In my case it was teaching myself how many calories were in the foods I eat and changing my choices. It was about making lifestyle changes that I can live with.


One thought on “Counting calories to lose weight – it works!

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