#Amblyopia Resolved

After a year of patching, Lexie’s amblyopia has been resolved. We began patching her “lazy” eye at the end of August 2012. In the beginning, she wore a patch for four hours a day. Then we went down to two hours a day. And then finally it was down to just a half an hour a day.

At her September appointment, the doctor said her amblyopia had been resolved. He wanted us to go for six weeks without her wearing a patch to see if her vision stayed the same. If it didn’t, we would have to continue having her wear the patch.

We went to the follow up appointment on Wednesday. There was a bit of confusion with her exam. The tech did the exam using letters because Lexie sat down and started saying them. But since she is under 7, the doctor said they need to use symbols. He said the letters were unreliable at this young of an age. So after they re-did the test, he declared that her vision was fine. Or I should say much better. She still has glasses which only correct vision on her right eye. We go back in three months for another follow up.

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