5 Tips to Better Author Presentation

checklistFor over a year now, I have hosted authors on my blog. I have met some friendly, thankful, pleasant people. But I have also run into quite a few people who don’t seem to know how to put their best foot forward.

I host authors on my blog to help them promote their books. I would say it takes me anywhere from thirty minutes up to an hour to set each one up on my blog. Now I am not looking for anything other than a thank you, but I have to admit that not everyone seems up to speed on what is expected of them or how to use this opportunity to their advantage. (Sadly, many of my less than stellar participants have come from people who have organized a blog hop for them.)

So here are some tips that apply not only to those submitting to my blog but really any promotional opportunity authors’ encounter.

1.)    Be Professional – Be polite in your communication. Clearly state what you are interested in doing. On my blog that would be either an author interview, book excerpt or guest post. I don’t expect to make the choice for you and while I try to accommodate date requests, I fill my spots on a first-come basis.

2.)    Put your best work forward – Any time you put anything on the Internet – be it a tweet, a post on Facebook or show off your writing skills on your own website or someone else’s, you need to show your best, most professional work.

  • If you are doing an author interview, have fun with it and answer the questions to the best of your ability. If you don’t have an answer (no favorite book) or your answer is a one-word, uninteresting response (Did you have any difficulties writing this book? No.), then I would prefer you skip the question. (I have never had that happen when I send out a list of author questions but on one of the last blog hops, oh, man some of the answers were dreadful. Needless to say, I omitted those questions/answers from my site.)    
  • If you provide a book excerpt, make it an exciting scene in your novel. Make it end with a hook that will make the reader want to PURCHASE your book.
  • If you are submitting a guest post, make sure it is relevant to the site and of course, well-written.

3.)    Provide the information requested – If someone asks you for your book blurb, cover art, author bio, personal links and buy/purchase links, then you should be able to provide those. Each author should have these things at their fingertips. I also expect your links to go directly to your book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble rather than just state your book is available there. You want to make it easy for your newly interested reader to buy your book.   

4.)    Include a good author bio – I have blogged about this topic before. Your bio needs to be short (a paragraph or two) and relevant to your work. If you wrote a legal thriller than your law degree can add credibility. Some personal information (kids, hobbies) spices up your bio but keep it to a minimum.

5.)    Remember the reason you are doing this promotional opportunity – I can’t say this one enough. Remember that you are appearing as a featured author to let people know about you and the wonderful book that you wrote. You want them to read the post and then buy your book. You are a salesman in this instance so do your best to make them realize they are missing out if they don’t buy your book.

I hope this helps authors out there – especially maybe those newbies who are still struggling to figure out the marketing/self-publication world. If you are an author and would like to be featured on my Friday Featured Author spot, please contact me on my About Me page.


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