Perfecting your tweets

twitter feedCommunicating in just 140 characters is not always easy. And getting your message read on a feed full of other people’s tweets is even harder. But there are a few things to do to make your tweets one of the ones that does get read or better yet results such as retweets or people clicking on your links.


1.) Before you send out a tweet, re-read it. Check the spelling and syntax. Is it easy to read? You have a space of 140 characters to show sloppiness or quality. Make sure your tweets are the best they can be. Think of them as newspaper headlines.

2.) Make the tweet complete. Unless you are tweeting back and forth with someone, readers should be able to read just the current tweet to understand it.

3.) If providing a link (which should be shortened by a service such as btly), be sure to give a reason to click the link. “Must read tips…” or “10 steps to better writing….” Your best bet is to take some valuable piece of information from your post and include it in the tweet. This gives the reader valuable info and entices them to read more.

4.) Limit the number of hastags. Even though these are designed to help you reach others with the same interests, using more than two or three makes it look like spam.

5.) Put the most important information at the beginning as you don’t know how the other person is reading it. For example, if they are using Twitterberry, they only see the first 32 characters.

6.) Make it easier for people to retweet you. That means you can’t use all 140 characters. You need to leave room for “RT @[name]”. Basically, plan for about 120 characters for your message (including hashtags) and 20 characters for retweeting purposes.

7.) Use action verbs.

8.) Use the word “you” in your tweet. Statistically, this gives you a better chance of being retweeted.

There is nothing wrong with using Twitter to promote your book or blog as long as that is not all you do. You need to retweet other’s messages and respond to others. But if you are using it to promote your work, make sure your tweets are the best they can be.

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