The one year anniversary of Into Another World

One year ago today, I started my blog, Into Another World, to share some of the things most important to me – writing and being a parent.  I explained back then, why I choose this name for my blog, but I thought today would be a good time to reiterate that.

Open bookI chose “Into Another World” because that is what books do. They allow you to enter another time period, another world, another life. You can do anything, be anyone when you are pulled into a book. You could be a soldier during the Revolutionary war, spend time on a pirate ship, explore a distant planet and so much more. There is no limit to the worlds you can visit.

As a reader, I love the feeling of being swept up into the story. And as an author, I hope to be able to provide that same experience for my readers. So I chose the title “Into Another World” because for me that embodies what I love about books.

However, my life as an author is also balanced with my life as a wife and mother. And really if you think about it when you become a parent, you are thrust into another world. No longer are your days centered on what you want, but now include the needs of your children. You have entered a world where your children’s school and activities become part of your daily routine. Becoming a parent changes everything. So for me, the title “Into Another World” also encompasses my life a mom.

And so, I began this blog with the goal of writing about raising my children as well as writing and the self-publishing world. In the beginning, I posted something every day Monday through Friday but with more time needing to be dedicated to volunteering at my kids’ schools and working on my latest work in progress, I did drop one day of posting on my blog. For those of you following my blog, here is the breakdown of topic I cover on each day.

Mondays – I post about my children and being a parent.

Tuesdays – This is the day I dropped as a regular posting day. I leave it open for guest authors on a blog tour or for announcements on my own books.

Wednesdays – I post an inspirational quote about writing, children or just life in general.

Thursdays – I alternate between posting about writing (I have a whole series devoted to fantasy writing), or I post about the book marketing or other self-publishing issues.

Fridays – I feature a different author on my blog by providing an author interview, book excerpt or guest blog. What an awesome way to find a new author or book to love.

My blog’s readership has grown over the past year. I have enjoyed every comment that people have left and read every email sent. I love knowing that for one day I may have helped someone or at least provided some information they may not have known. And I hope to continue that in the year to come.

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