Authors thrive on reader feedback

As an author and a blogger one of the things I love most is reader feedback. It is nice to have someone comment on your work. After all who doesn’t like a compliment? (OK – all reader feedback isn’t positive, but you take the good with the bad.)


At the end of most blog posts is a place for readers to comment about the post. It is awesome when someone mentions they not only liked the post but learned something. It could be as simple as “Good advice. Thank you.” Or they can add their own experience or story. This happens most often for me when I write about parenting (every Monday).

Recently, I also received an email from a mom who read my blog about Lexie’s birth. It was nice to connect with someone who had a child with similar medical conditions. In fact, it inspired two additional posts. One ran on Monday about Situs Inversus and an Interrupted IVC, and another will run in a week and a half about Polysplenia.


The best compliment you can give an author is to write an honest review of their book. But in lieu of that, I also love to receive email messages from readers. I love when they tell me what they loved about the book and how they couldn’t put it down.

Recently, I had one reader say that her love for cats drew her to my short story, The Search. She loved it so much that she went on to read my trilogy. Another reader even suggested I do a follow-up  trilogy or at least one more book with those characters. (And I am now considering doing just that because I too love them and have an idea for a new adventure, but that will have to be after my current work in progress.)

But you don’t have to email an author or do a review to show your support. Even sending out a tweet about the book or passing along one of my tweets is greatly appreciated. So if you don’t normally write reviews or have never considered emailing an author, I encourage you to do that. You just might make someone’s day.

2 thoughts on “Authors thrive on reader feedback

  1. Joan Lindgren says:

    Guilty as charged. I often think of responding, but I’ll do it later and later never happens.

  2. Reblogged this on marthareynoldswrites and commented:
    I know I do!

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